Sunday, 31 August 2014

Best day ever?

About a month ago I visited London with my cousins and grandparents. We each got to plan a 'day' which involved choosing somewhere to visit and where to eat. I, being an avid art lover, chose the Henri Matisse cut-outs exhibition at the Tate Modern. If I lived closer to London, I'd definitely visit the gallery more often, I'm not very drawn to renaissance-style art, I admire the technique of the painters but not the actual depth of the work. This is why the Tate is one of my favourite galleries.

(Excuse the fact that I looked like an art teacher)

You weren't permitted to take any photos inside the Matisse exhibition, which was disappointing as we had to pay and book in advance to get in. The scale and colours of the cut-outs was amazing. Matisse certainly knew how to make an impact with colour. I spent about an hour and a half in the gallery, observing every tiny detail of his cut-outs. (and attempting to read the scrawly French handwriting in the copy of his book 'Jazz'). 
I found the exhibition very moving, especially how he carried on with his work, despite deteriorating health. Even looking at how his artist signatures went from 'Henri Matisse' to 'Matisse' and then just 'HM' was quite upsetting. However, I came away with a 'Tate introductions- Matisse' book and a print of his work 'Blue Nude II', which is one of my favourites. 

I didn't get to look around much of the rest of the gallery before lunch as my sister, who'd grown bored, was drawing multiple pictures of Boris Johnson on the interactive screens near the cafe. Lunch was difficult, with me being on a gluten free diet, but I settled for a chicken and chorizo box from 'Leon Club'. It was delicious and wasn't made under the assumption that all people who avoid gluten are herbivores. I urge any fellow coeliacs/ gluten intolerant people to try their food. Not only is is healthy and tasty, but they put on the menu board what is gluten free and what isn't.

After lunch, we explored some more of the gallery. I took photos of the most interesting pieces that I saw. As I have been interested in textiles since I was about seven or eight, and am starting a textiles course in September, I found the embroidery artwork really fascinating, I also loved the dyed wool because of the textures and colours.

Overall, I had a great day out and part of me wishes I lived in London, just so as not to miss once in a lifetime exhibits like the Matisse one. 

Until next time...

Holly Olivia x

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