Saturday, 27 September 2014

Festival of Thrift 2014- What I Did

For those of you who don't know, the Festival of Thrift is a vintage and craft fair held at Lingfield Point in Darlington, it's now in its second year. I went last year and thoroughly enjoyed myself, however it was bigger and better this year! I met a few people who I'd consider creative inspirations, which was amazing. The Festival this year consisted of vintage clothes and furniture stalls, handmade goods and local food produce. There were also street entertainers, workshops and experiences such as retro hairdressing and even a small petting zoo.

The above photos were of a miniature garden stall, I didn't stay long as I just briefly noticed it as we arrived, but I think people were able to help out in the making of it. It was so lovely to see so many families involved with little things like this. 

There were so many stalls selling beautiful vintage pieces like the ones above, If only that sewing box was big enough for all of my bobbins and buttons- sigh.

My favourite Tynemouth Market regular stall was there, Browne's Temperance Bar, run by Steven Philip Brown, he sells home-made cordials out of vintage suitcases as well as some sweets and his new idea- shaved ice. Everything about his stall is perfectly fitting for his 'vintage' image, even his very impressive moustache! My favourite cordial flavour is the sour cherry and hibiscus, so I had to get a glass of it today. If you're ever in Tynemouth, his stall is definitely worth checking out, he also does refreshments for events such as weddings.

I absolutely loved the petting zoo! I took the photo of the chicken for my sister as she is obsessed with them, for some reason. I also loved the goats, although I didn't manage to get photos of them. 

These two are my new idols. They rode around on their tricycle? whilst dancing to 'Don't Stop Me Now' by Queen. Later, they also hosted a charity auction and managed to make it one of the most entertaining things at the event, by their eccentric personalities. 

I also became a carrot, which was obviously my dream. My mum said I made a glam carrot- a glamrot?

The only workshop/activity I participated in was make a Terrarium, which was held on a stall and run by Lucy Smith. Here is a link to her site and details about her workshops. It only cost £1.50, so was very affordable for such an exciting activity. We used decoupage to decorate the jars with vintage paper shapes and planted a succulent in amongst soil and gravel, for drainage. 

There was artwork popping up all the time by Francisco de Pajaro AKA Art is Trash, a Spanish born artist who works with junk to create his part sculpture- part paintings. They made a really fun and quirky addition to the event and I loved watching him work on his new artwork around the grounds. 

I'll be back tomorrow with my second instalment in this series of posts about the Festival of Thrift where I'll be talking about who I met. 

Until next time

Holly Olivia x

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  1. Great idea for a festival - shame you couldn't get a glutten free crepe from la petite creperie lads


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