Wednesday, 17 September 2014

How I style jeans- part one

Disclaimer- this post was meant to show a few ways to wear different jeans, but I was fed a dodgey carvery and have spent the past two days feeling rubbish, so I'm splitting the post into parts.

On this post, I will be showing one of the ways I like to style these jeans from Zara. Although these jeans aren't as fitted as some styles, I think they are flattering and the denim feels so soft! I love the look of the jeans with the cuffs rolled up and with a leather belt. As I have a very slim frame, I often find it difficult to get belts that fit me, so I usually use my embroidery scissors or my stitch unpicker, to make extra holes in the belt. There's nothing like a bit of professionalism!

  Outfit one

Cardigan- Primark, years ago
Black vest top- Primark, this year
Striped shirt- Vintage shop in Newcastle
Flower brooch- One of my Grandma's jewellery sales
Belt- Oasis (off a skirt)
Leather satchel- Reid and Hamilton (camera bag)
Shoes- Hush Puppies

I feel like this outfit is perfect for the transition between Autumn and Winter, although I probably won't be baring any stomach in the Winter months! Layering will always be a big trend and I love the different textures to this outfit. The cardigan is definitely high standard for Primark! I've had it a couple of years and it hasn't shrunk, faded or unravelled at all! I also love the dusky pink/salmon colour of it, it looks very vintage and is so cozy. (Whilst writing this post, I've just noticed how well my belt matches my satchel, go me) I mentioned the striped shirt on my #Thriftytag post, I still can't believe it was £2! It did need a bit of restitching under the armpit seam, but that was simple. The black vest top was only cheap as well, but I think the lace detail adds a bit more interest to outfits. (as well as stopping unwanted exposure of flesh!) The brooch was from one of the charity jewellery sales my Grandma used to hold, people would donate old jewellery to her and all the proceeds went to help people less fortunate than ourselves. 

Note: all of the above photos were kindly taken by my cousin, Kate. Thank you!

I'm currently working on a DIY shirt post, which should hopefully be up this week.

Until next time

Holly Olivia xx

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