Sunday, 21 September 2014

Thrifted jacket re-style

On my way home from sixth form last Wednesday I passed  a charity shop and couldn't help noticing a mustard yellow jacket on one of the rails. I absolutely love mustard yellow and the jacket had a 60s vibe about it, which I couldn't resist. When I went into the shop, however, I noticed it was a size 14, so three sizes too big. As I was so enamoured with the style and colour, I decided to buy it and restyle it to fit me.

Credit to floral background- retro wallpaper 

Above is a photo of the jacket on beforehand, as you can see it was way too big and the buttons were a bit dull. I also included the main tools I used to restyle the jacket. (Minus my sewing machine) I followed the tutorial in Dawn O'Porter's book 'This Old Thing' about altering jackets to bring my jacket down to a better size. The shoulder pads also had to be cut down as they made my small shoulders look non-existent. To bring in the bulk of the garment, I unpicked the lining and turned it inside out. I then pinned a new seam going straight along the sleeves and body of the jacket. This restyle would be so much easier on lightweight jackets as my underarm seams ended up a bit wonky, although that could also be because my sewing machine doesn't seem to get on well with bulkier fabrics. I further decided to change the plain buttons for some blue, circular ones which I had in my button jar already. The jacket cost £4.99 and I only had to buy thread so the whole project cost under £7! (Unless you want to be smart and factor in electrical energy used for powering the machine and lights) Here are some photos of the finished jacket!

I wore the jacket with my Mary Quant inspired dress as I think the blue buttons
match the flower print and the mustard yellow colour compliments the colour in
the flower centres. 

I also wore my new mustard yellow Primark tights and my Doctor Marten shoes
(these shoes are a couple of years old and I can't find any similar ones to link)

Note- Thank you to my sister for taking the photos

Until next time

Holly Olivia x


  1. great work at tackling a jacket resizing! Ive only tried that once with a vintage velvet blazer i bought on a holiday. I think i might have been a mans jacket hence why it needed shaping around the waist!

    1. It was certainly more difficult than I expected it to be! That sounds like a great jacket! I'm jealous x


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