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After getting into blogging I have finally decided to attempt the Thrifty Tag invented by two of my favourite bloggers- Paige and Adora. Whilst they did it in video form on Youtube, as I am not very comfortable with the sound of my own voice, I decided to do it in blog form. So here goes!

1. Start by showing a selection of your favourite vintage/thrifted items.

The blue dress on the left is one of my most recent purchases- it was only £2.50 at Tynemouth market. The stall labelled it as Vintage but when I looked up the brand, they were set up in 1987, and the label has a website on, so the dress is just second hand. The design isn't what I'd usually pick for dresses, I tend to sway more towards 60s style shifts as they compliment my figure well but the piping detail on this really caught my eye!
The second outfit has two thrifted elements. The silk scarf was £3 from Beyond Retro and I love wearing it as a headscarf, I'll usually either wear it with a ponytail or wavy hair but I've also recently discovered how nice it looks with straight hair. The top was my Grandma's scarf which I DIYed into a floaty top. (let me know if a DIY post for doing this would be interesting/helpful!) The shorts were made by me from some fabric my Aunt gave me.

The outfit on the left is only composed of one thrifted item. I bought the skirt for about £10 a couple of years ago at Beyond Retro. I really love wool skirts, as they look equally as good in summer with vest tops and bare legs or with tights and jumpers in winter. The vest top is from Primark and the cardigan was a present.

The second outfit is almost completely made up of thrifted items. I originally spotted the print of the dress and fell in love with it, as I don't usually wear strapless things (read as never), I was planning to turn it into a skirt but as it fit so perfectly, I decided to keep it as it is. At £5.49 from The Salvation Army, it was a steal!  The top is very 60s with the gorgeous mustard yellow colour and the Peter Pan collar, but it is actually an old Topshop piece, which only cost £2.99 from the British Heart Foundation. The 'pearls' were from New Look years ago. 

The first outfit is made entirely of thrifted and vintage, except from the Rolling Stones shirt. The striped button up shirt was £2 from Small Change Vintage in the Ouseburn Valley. I didn't stay for hours as I visited the shop when I was unwell, but the shirt was a real bargain and goes so well with my leather skirt. The skirt was from a pop-up shop in Tynemouth (Bean Vintage on Etsy). The jacket was a birthday present from my mum. She found it in a charity shop with the original tags on and everything!
The outfit on the right is really cute for autumn, in my opinion. The shorts aren't thrifted, I made them myself (from the same pattern as the black shorts further up the post). I did, however, buy the fabric (1950s taffeta) for £5 at my local market, so I think that they count. The jumper was knitted by me last year and the hat is from H&M.

2. When did you first get into vintage and thrifting?

I first got into vintage clothes when I was about 14, but then lost the confidence to wear them around friends or people I knew. I had lots of beautiful pieces hidden away in the back of my drawers however, this year I started dressing more how I wanted to, so I've been slowly reinventing my wardrobe. I've always been keen on thrifting, When I was younger, I'd always accompany my mum to second hand shops to look for clothes, and, over the past few years, have become a regular visitor to my local market. 

3. Where is your favourite place to get a bargain? 

Probably Tynemouth market, I once got a vintage lace skirt from there for £2, which I hardly took off until it became too short for me. I also really like charity shops as it's an affordable way to get nice clothes as well as supporting people less fortunate than me. Most of my thrifted items are not vintage as affordable vintage shops near me tend to be difficult to find and I try to avoid ordering online as I am very petite so often have trouble finding clothes that fit. I know, however, that if I lived in London, I'd be a regular visitor to Beyond Retro as it's such an amazing retailer. 

4. What's the most you'd spend on one vintage item?

The most I have spent so far is £20 on a red leather skirt from a pop-up vintage stall in Tynemouth. I'd say that it depends on the garment and whether or not it needs alterations. As I can sew well, I wouldn't rush to a tailor to get alterations done, unless it was a difficult job, but with tailoring, the price can mount up. If it was a dress for a special occasion such as an 18th birthday or a wedding, I'd go up to about £50, as long as I had the money! But I prefer to buy bargains so that if I don't wear them as much as I expected to, the money isn't wasted. 

5. What's the weirdest vintage item you've ever bought?

I've never really bought anything weird that I can think of, the only vintage items I've bought are skirts and head scarves!

6. What item do you wear the most?

This summer, I've been wearing my head scarves a lot, but I try to mix up what I wear, so I can't think of my most worn thrifted item. Recently though, it's been my mustard yellow top as it looks great over dresses, with my Zara girlfriend jeans or my denim skirt. 

7. When thrift shopping is there anything you do to help find good items? (tips)

Most of my tips have been stolen from Dawn O'Porter's book/ TV show, This Old Thing. Since watching her program, I've found myself trying on more items that I maybe wouldn't have usually. I also love her tip on trying things on even if it's just the fabric or lace that grabs your eye. Her book contains lots of ways to alter vintage clothes so they fit your body, which I find so inspiring. I'm now guilty of peering into the seam allowance of coats to see if I can alter them to fit me!

8. Name three things you love about thrifting?

1. When I find an item I love and the seller tells me that no one else could fit into the item because of its small size. (It makes me feel so thankful for my body shape!)
2. Finding a bargain
3.  Knowing that the item has so much history to it. 

9. Name three things you hate about thrifting?

1. When things are far too big for my frame!
2. The fact that vintage women's size six shoes are almost impossible to find!
3. When someone manages to find that amazing item before you do!

10. Who is your thrifty icon?

I'd say it's mostly bloggers. Especially Paige and Adora (who made this tag!), Rebecca from The Cinnamon Slipper and Ellie from Rose and Vintage.

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