Monday, 6 October 2014

Falling for Liberty fabrics

Liberty London is one of the most magical places in the world. From the building's Tudor-esque exterior to the smells on the beauty floor, it's somewhere that I love to visit when I'm in London, although the pricing is a bit too high if you're a student like myself. My favourite section is obviously the fabrics, which Liberty is world renowned for, long before I'd managed to get some fabric of my own, I'd appreciated the stunning designs but wasn't aware of why the fabric is given such a hefty price (£22 a metre). My Aunt was kind enough to send me some left over Liberty fabric from one of her projects and I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing quality and softness of the fabric. Using my Simplicity 1609 pattern ,which is for a 60s replica shift dress, I made a top by shortening the pattern pieces. It was a fairly easy dressmaking project and one that I've already worn a lot. The only problem I had was with the seam allowances as when I made a dress from the same pattern years ago, I used a 1cm seam allowance instead of 1.5cm. This meant that when I tried on the finished top, I got a bit stuck in it and the only way to save it was to let out the seam allowances, as the amount of fabric I had was very limited. I can't find the exact fabric that I used, however this one is similar. 

Thanks to my dad for photobombing what would have been a good photo.
I found it too funny to not feature in this post, however.

My scarf is from H&M, I actually got it when I was in year seven, which was six years ago and the scarf is still just as soft and in as good condition as it was when I bought it. I've found a similar one online, which is more expensive but better quality. My skirt was from Oasis in April and is just a gathered denim skirt with some layered detail at the hem. The jacket I'm wearing in the first photo is from my Thrifted Jacket Re-style post and Joules have a similar one for sale here. I'm still surprised that I managed to brave the Autumn air without my jacket for some photos, without freezing, although the sun was quite warm until the wind picked up. The tights are from Primark and were either £2.00 or £3.00 for one pair. My shoes are old Doctor Martens and are basically high soled Mary Jane shoes. I'm planning to make another dress using this pattern out of some other fabric which my Aunt gave me, so I'll hopefully be able to post about that soon.

Until next time

Holly Olivia x

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