Monday, 13 October 2014

Gluten free tea party and book review

I've been wanting to write a similar post to this for a while. For about the past three months I have been sticking to a strict gluten free diet. Unless you try to cut out gluten completely, you don't realise how many ridiculous things contain it that shouldn't- sausages and burgers are a great example. The only reason they contain wheat flour, is to make the manufacturing process cheaper, however this means that I have to be very careful when I eat in restaurants or when shopping for food. Consequently, I've been trying out a lot of recipe books that are aimed towards people living a gluten free lifestyle and one of my most recent purchases is the 'Gluten free gourmet recipes' book by Maurizio Cusani and Cinzia Trenchi. So far I've only made a couple of things from it- with great success!

At the weekend I made jam tarts and ricotta bread sticks from the book and I had to adjust the recipes a bit, but they were delicious. I only realised that I was missing a vital ingredient after I got back from the supermarket, meaning I had to make marmalade tarts instead. The pastry was by far the best gluten free pastry I've ever made, it didn't crumble and tasted really good. I added little pastry squirrels and hearts to the top of my tarts, to make them more attractive. 
The bread sticks were also easy to make, however I had to add more ricotta than the recipe said as they were pretty tasteless. This may have affected the overall result as the day after I made them, they turned quite chewy and dry. So I'd recommend eating these the day they are made, as they were delectable. 

Overall, the book has some really nice recipes for bread and snacks in, however some of the things in it are very pretentious. For example roast quail? I haven't made any of the breads yet but I'll be sure to write a post about them soon. 

Until next time

Holly Olivia x

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