Sunday, 26 October 2014

Vintage suitcase sewing box DIY- gathering supplies

I've been in need of a new sewing box for a while. With all my zips, hook and eyes and interfacing used for dressmaking as well as general sewing supplies, there just isn't anywhere to store everything in my current sewing box. John Lewis has some really nice ones, such as this Cath Kidston one, however I still wasn't convinced about the size, so I decided to make my own.
I've always loved retro suitcases, if I was talented in the art of packing lightly I'd use them on holiday! I realised that using one of these would make a large enough sewing box but would also be a really fun project to share on my blog as well. I've spent this weekend gathering the basic supplies from furniture markets and fabric shops and will be posting as I make progress to help you make your own, if you wish.

First on my list of places to visit was Kasbah furniture market in North Shields, a higgledy piggledy warehouse full of vintage furniture and odds and ends. I was shocked to discover that they have a section selling vintage sewing patterns, fabrics and other craft supplies, in all the times I've visited, this was the first time I found all these goodies. Being a photography student, I love looking at all the film cameras as some of them are so beautiful and they remind me of the GCSE artwork I did on cameras. Kasbah market have a large selection of vintage suitcases and I managed to find one which was fit for the purpose, and for £10 it was a good deal.

This is the suitcase I went with, it was obviously not in the best condition and after I spent this morning cleaning it- I realised that I may have to clean it more than once...
I also used WD40 on the handle and locks as they needed loosening up a bit, and it worked really well so now they all work perfectly. I chose this style of case as the lid is very narrow, allowing me to have more room for sewing supplies in the main body of the case. If you're planning to make your own as well, I'd recommend the same type of suitcase as it is more likely to work for this tutorial than a case with equal sized lid and body dimensions. 

This afternoon I went to my favourite shop in the whole world-1st For Fabrics, a huge warehouse full of fabrics and haberdashery. For the DIY, I needed to line the suitcase as the current lining is tattered. I wanted something in a sturdy cotton fabric and in the end I went with a pale beige fabric printed with French inspired haberdashery adverts for thimbles and scissors etc. I'm looking forward to finishing the clean up and sharing the rest of this DIY with you!

Until next time

Holly Olivia x 

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