Sunday, 23 November 2014

Easy Christmas card DIY

These past weeks I've realized that with so much work from college, the idea of posting two blog posts each week is unlikely; even though the last thing I want to be doing is college work. Consequently, my blog posts may have no regular posting schedule, although I have a whole host of Christmassy DIYs to share with you all, in the coming weeks.

My first DIY Christmas post is about making your own cards, this DIY is really easy and would also be good to make with kids.

For this DIY you will need;

  • Acrylic paint in black, white, brown, red and orange (or red and yellow)
  • A paint pallet
  • Paintbrushes in various sizes (I use a multipack of 22 for £2.99 from The Works)
  • Card in your chosen colours
  • A ruler
  • A pencil
  • Glue
  • Pens or a lettering stamp kit 
Step one- to use the black and brown paint to thumbprint ovals onto the card, these will form the bodies of the birds. 
Step two- use your pinky finger to dot white on the black circles, and red on the brown circles, to create the 'belly' of your  robins and penguins.

Step three- using a pen, or a small paintbrush, add the eyes and legs to the 'robins'. I dotted white onto each for the eyes, then added a back pupil when the paint had dried. I also used a very small paintbrush to add legs, which were just 'fork' shapes. With the black paint, I painted little triangle shapes for the beaks as well. 

Step four- Using orange, black and white paint, add the details onto the 'penguins'. I used a small paintbrush to add the orange beaks and flippers, which were just three lines all coming from the same point. I did the eyes the same as before, for the robins.

Step five- I cut around my three birds on each bit of card, this created thinner strips, which I used on my final greetings cards, you can cut them out how you want though. Fold a piece of card in half vertically, then glue the painted birds onto it. Draw lines with a ruler and pencil, marking how tall you want the finished cards to be. Cut along these lines.

Step six- Hand-write or use stamps, like I did, to write a greeting inside. As my cards were small, I couldn't fit the whole word 'Christmas' in, so just abbreviated it to 'merry xmas'.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and will be trying out the DIY for yourself. 
I also have a Christmas Pinterest board here, if you want to see more festive projects. 

Until next time

Holly Olivia x


  1. For me, Christmas isn't complete if I don't send out holiday cards. It has become a tradition of many to do so to show how much someone means to them. Anyway, that project is really great. Not only is it suitable for the holidays, but in any occasion as well. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you!

    Sally Park @ Client Retention

    1. Thank you! Not as many people send cards anymore, which is sad. All the best to you as well.

      Holly Olivia x


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