Sunday, 16 November 2014

Kirkley Hall Christmas market and zoological gardens

There isn't a suitcase upcycling post this Sunday again, I am swapping the posting days around for this week as I haven't had much time to add more to the project. Today me, my mum and my sister headed to Ponteland for the Christmas market at Kirkley Hall. It cost £3 per person to enter and this included free entry to the zoological gardens, where we saw alpacas and lemurs.

The market itself, was set in the grounds of the very pretty Kirkley Hall, there were some stalls in the courtyard and around various other marquees in the premises. It was nice to see so many small businesses selling their makes and bakes, as well as Christmas trees and gifts. I really wanted to buy some of the hog roast for lunch, but the servers were using the same tongs to handle the bread and meat, so I didn't want to risk it, I'd say this was the only downside of today, the only thing I could find for me to eat was a gluten free salted caramel brownie from The Brownie Bar, it was really tasty but didn't have enough of a salted caramel flavour for my liking. I did find gluten free dog treats, which was annoying as there was more choice of food for gluten intolerant dogs, than for people.

The zoological gardens at Kirkley Hall are actually for students who want to work with animals in the future, although they are also open to the public. We saw porcupines, alpacas, donkeys, snakes, lizards and monkeys, among many other animals, As well as this, there was a 'petting barn' for children to be able to see the farm animals more closely. We had a definite soft spot for the guinea-pigs, as we'd kept pet guineas for years until Albert sadly passed away earlier this year. 

Jasmine was up for holding a bird of prey, I did want to hold a Barn Owl, but the queue was basically a free for all, so I decided not to wait. Jasmine and I, also went on the (very fast) ferris wheel,and sang along to the Christmas music at the top of our lungs- which I'm sure was pleasant for everyone nearby!

I wore my coat from Primark which I talked more about here, a woolen A-line skirt from Beyond Retro with a jumper I made last year when I had the flu, the pattern is in Mollie Makes issue 31, which is available to buy digitally on the App Store. My tights are from Marks and Spencer and my boots are new from Primark- they cost only £18 and are so comfortable and warm! My rocket necklace is from the very talented Kate Rowland, and it one of the only pieces of jewelry I wear. I took my oh so loved leather camera bag from Reid and Hamilton with me for the day to carry my camera and hoard of 'just in case' gluten free snacks. 

We left at about 2:30pm with the Christmas tree we bought my dad, as he couldn't be there, and began the trek along the muddy field back to the car. The market was a really fun day out and definitely put me in a Christmassy spirit, now I just want to drink spiced hot apple juice and watch Christmas films. Hope your weekend has been as good!

Until next time

Holly Olivia x


  1. Looks like a lovely market and £3 is a bargain. We went to Newcastle continental market and I agree - it makes you feel very Christmassy! I want some mulled wine now!

    1. I know! Especially with free entry to the zoo as well, it was definitely a day out which I'll be repeating next year.


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