Thursday, 13 November 2014

Pretty in pink

This post was meant to be up yesterday, but with wifi problems and college work, I couldn't write it in time. During the recent half term holidays, I went to Miss Selfridge to try on a playsuit which I'd had my eye on for a while. It was in the sale for reduced from £45, but with my student discount, I also managed to get an extra £2 off, so the playsuit ending up costing £18- which was an amazing price for such a lovely piece. I try to mainly feature handmade clothing on this blog (the name is Holly Olivia CREATES, after all), but this piece was too lovely not to share.

I styled the playsuit with a Primark coat from a couple of years ago, I have heard people talk a lot about how they never find that Primark clothing lasts for over a few months however, I've had this piece for two years and it's still good as new. This Debenhams one is similar, if anyone is interested. I also wore white, woolen tights which were also from Primark. I can't find any similar ones, but these socks could be an alternative. My shoes are also a couple of years old, and are sadly falling apart now. I had to wear a vest top under the playsuit as otherwise it was too low, but I think it looks nice with the lace vest peeking out. Overall, the playsuit is really good quality and the fabric feels so soft and not too light or heavy, so it'll be wearable all year round. When I was there I also spotted a few pieces which I'll be looking out for in the New Year sale. 

Until next time

Holly Olivia x

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