Monday, 1 December 2014

Festive portraits inspired by ABM

Warning: This post may sound like it's sponsored by the A Beautiful Mess blog.... (It's not)

Today I am sharing some photographs me and Jasmine took yesterday as we put the Christmas tree up. As today is a school/work day, we wanted to put the decorations up a day early- sorry.
These photographs were inspired by some of the photos featured in the A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book, that feature Elsie and Jeremy Larson.

Photo on left is from The ABM blog- here
The above photo is a comparison of Jeremy and Elsie's photograph and the one we did, I loved the idea of using tree lights as a light source, however ours weren't as bauble-like and were just average fairy lights. I used my Nikon D3200, with the flash, and a lamp in the background as a light source. The editorial process was easy, I changed the photos to black and white on Photoshop, changed the levels of black and white, and also changed the brightness and contrast of the image- wherever necessary to get a 'proper' black and white image. AKA- little grey colouring to image. 

The top set of photos out of these three, show how changing the brightness and contrast made the finished photograph more black and  white, as oppose to grey. However, this does make some of the images appear grainy- although I quite like this affect as it reminds me of film photographs. The last photos are of Jasmine, being her usual 'camera shy' self. If my memory serves correct, Jasmine was dancing to S Club 7 when I took her portraits, so that may explain somethings. One thing I really like about the Christmas period is how well me and her get along. (Not that we usually fight!) 

Until next time,

Holly Olivia x

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