Sunday, 7 December 2014

Open studios at The Biscuit Factory

Last weekend was Open Studios at the Ouseburn, where a series of galleries and creative businesses in Newcastle opened their doors for Christmas shoppers and workshops. I only got photos from when I went to the Biscuit Factory, which is one of my favourite UK galleries, and also where I did work experience in year ten.
The gallery showcases a lot of local art and ceramics, and I was allowed to take photos to promote the event.

The above images are of some of mine and my mum's favourite work in the gallery. They are created by artist Dean Patman from found materials, so are all completely unique and also really, really cute. The anteater is one of my favourite pieces, mainly because I adore tamanduas, which are a tree climbing anteater, one once climbed my leg at London zoo and it was the happiest experience ever. However, I also love the recycled element of his work and if I had enough money, I'd buy all of it.

I love the layout of the gallery, the name comes from the fact that it used to be a biscuit factory, and I really like the exposed brickwork and busy walls full of framed work. 

The above photos are of the studios downstairs, which are only open to the public on event days. They were really nicely decorated for the festive period with baubles and tissue paper pompoms. (It made me want my own artist's studio!) After this we went on the free bus around a couple of other places, I even managed to get some Christmas presents bought and made! 

Until next time

Holly Olivia x

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