Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Black velvet cape

After spending £44 in the John Lewis fabric department *gasp*, I now have a finished cape and a pile of pattern pieces waiting until my poor sewing machine pulls through and comes back from being serviced. I'm not sure if the excessive amounts of sewing I did during the holidays  for last minute gifts has caused it to conk out, but I miss it dearly.
Before the machine gave up, I managed to rustle up a velvet cape in a few days, however it did cause a lot of angry tweets about lining fabric. (Which is really annoying to sew with, by the way!) I used a pattern from Mollie Makes issue 45, and I think it turned out rather well.
The only time I have managed to wear it was when we were staying in York and had dinner at the hotel, curse the cold weather...
The velvet was a bit more than I'd usually pay at £14 a metre, but it feels really nice and looks amazing. The lining was a fair £6 per metre and I already had the thread. (John Lewis did also offer their own 'premium lining' for a mere £12 a metre- bit steep for polyester, no?)

Buttons from Duttons!
Arm hole in the cape 
As you can see from the first close-up detailed photo, I had an accident with the lining when I was ironing it. I had the iron on too hot, which caused the polyester fabric to shrink and shrivel a bit. Sadly I didn't have enough fabric to cut it out again, and knew it wouldn't be very noticeable when I was wearing it, I decided to leave it as it was. You may remember me mentioning buying the buttons in this post, and I think they work really well with the cape.

My eyes aren't usually that black, I had to remove red eye with Photoshop... 
For the meal, I wore my cape with my Yumi jumper from a couple of years ago, and a skirt I got for Christmas. The skirt, believe it or not, is from Primark and I love the unusual waistline with the pleats. It's something I'd love to try when I make a skirt. 

Until next time, 

Holly Olivia x


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