Sunday, 1 February 2015

Photographing St Mary's lighthouse

The deadline for my photography coursework is drawing ever nearer (13th February!) so I've been pretty occupied with photographing, editing and putting my workbook together. The brief is surrealism, so we have looked at a few different techniques to inspire our final pieces. One of these was 'colour filters' which I did yesterday. I decided to go along to St Mary's lighthouse to take photos for it, however it was so bitterly cold that we had to turn back and go along in the car later. When the weather gets warmer, I hope to go back and photograph it using film. As it was so cold, the automatic focusing on my camera was being a bit of a pest, meaning I had to focus manually. If you have never tried to focus manually whilst being blown over by the wind AND wearing mittens, then you won't know how difficult it is. Consequently a lot of my photos were slightly out of focus, but I feel I got some good ones.

And here are some of my favourite colour filter ones...

Overall, I much prefer the photos without the filters, because of the colours of the rocks and seaweed, but I think some of them also work well with colour filters. I especially like how the clouds look in different colours. 
I got my film back from the developers, so will be sharing that in the coming weeks, as well as my finished 'Delphine' skirt from the book 'Love at First Stitch', which I talked more about here.

Until next time, 

Holly Olivia x

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