Saturday, 7 March 2015

Recent snapshots

I haven't had the chance to do any sewing recently, so only have some photos I've taken in the past week to share on here. I am not sure when I'll make another garment, it tends to be very expensive and take up a lot of time, which are two things students like myself have a lack of. 

Images 1-3 
Last Sunday I had a walk along to Tynemouth market to take some photos of the architecture for my photography course. The idea is to put them into black and white and make a grid of them, so you can explore visual relationships between lines, shape and space. I think the photos look really nice in colour as well though. 

Image 4
I finish early on Wednesdays so hopped on the Metro and went to the Baltic Gallery  to sign up for their Art Mix club for 14-19 year olds, who are interested in art. I really love the building, which used to be a flour mill, and I'm looking forward to going to the events for the Art Mix, which you can find more about here. 

Images 5-6
In the style of Dear Photograph, I took these photos, also for my photography course using my parent's wedding photos. I really like how they turned out and find it amazing to see how little the Church has changed in the 18 years that they've been married. 

In other news- I was featured on Tilly Walnes' blog with the Mimi Blouse I made from her book! You can see the post here. I am really grateful that she featured my make on her blog as it had drawn a lot more readers here, which can only be a good thing.  

Until next time, 

Holly Olivia x

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