Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Snackly- Gluten Free Box Review

I first heard about Snackly before they launched but only just got round to ordering my first box. Since starting a gluten-free diet I realized that I can't order Graze boxes anymore- which I was surprised about. Snackly is similar to Graze but gluten, wheat, barley, oat and rye free- meaning they are safe for coeliacs to eat! I haven't undergone a coeliac test yet, but definitely suffer if I have had anything with even traces of gluten in, so tend to buy things which are 100% gluten free, rather than products which 'may contain traces of gluten'. 

Each box is £7.95, including postage, and are sent out once a month although I think they're planning on making more regular subscription offers including weekly and fortnightly. 

The first item was a polenta, cranberry and almond slice by a company called 'Honeybuns', who are based in Dorset. It tasted a lot like shortbread, and had quite a crumbly texture much like most gluten free bakes. I was expecting the almonds to be flaked or ground but they were in larger chunks, which reminded me of the peanut cookies my Nan makes! The almonds gave the slice some more texture and added a bit of crunch. I thought the cranberries tasted quite like jam, but that might have just been me. Overall, I really liked this slice and thought it tasted like a bakewell tart but crunchier. I'd say that it was one of my favourite items from the whole box.

The next snack was Acti- Snack Sweet and Sour Mango. I really love the Urban Fruit dried mango so was  excited to try this and was intrigued by the idea of it being sweet and sour. I often find that dried fruit can be really burnt or crunchy, but this was perfectly cooked so it was still soft. You could also definitely taste the sweet and sour. The more vibrant orange pieces tasted sweeter, and I preferred those pieces, although the 'sour' mango tasted great too. It was something I'd like to try again if I knew where near me stocks it.  

Apparently this is the best brownie ever! It's by Cobbs Cakes and had a really nice texture, and wasn't dry at all. It was also perfect brownie consistency with a crunchy top and a gooey centre. The flavour was also really good, brownies can be very rich and sickly, but this was just right. My only complaint is that I'd have wanted a bigger slice of it.

In my box there was also these 'Plantain Crisps', by Chika's Snacks. They were nice to snack on but didn't have much flavour, so I'd have preferred to have received the chilli flavour. They also had an unusual texture. I expected them to be crispy- like crisps but they were quite a soft texture. I think these were my least favourite item in the box.

The penultimate item in my box was this chocolate bar by the company 'Doisy and Dam'. Their website has a lot of nice sounding chocolate but the one in the box is 'coconut and lucuma', the latter of which, I hadn't heard of. I couldn't taste the coconut too much, which was good as it's a very overpowering flavour. At 74% coco, it was quite strong but incredibly tasty. I gave some of it to my sister who now wants to buy more, so it must be good!

The last product are these multiseed crackers made by the company 'The Foods of Athenry', which I actually ate whilst writing this post! They taste a bit like Ryvita crackers, and would probably be nicer with cheese instead of being eaten by themselves. I really like bread/crackers/cereal bars which have seeds in though, so I liked these crispbreads. 

Overall, I was really pleased with the items in my Snackly box, and think that the price is fair for what you get- especially when you compare it to gluten free products in shops. I just wish that the snacks were bigger, as I have a ridiculously fast metabolism. 

You can buy a box here and get 50p off your first box using the code 'HOLLYOLIVIACREATES'

Until next time, 

Holly Olivia x

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