Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Minted.com Wishlist

Minted.com is a website which sells personalized gifts, fabrics and art prints by independent designers and artists. I've been browsing their site recently and have found loads of things which I would love to buy!

I really love this 'New Waves fabric' by designer Jennifer Morehead! I think it'd make a really nice A-line skirt to wear in Summer and the print reminds me of the beautiful floor tiles you get in places like Spain. I also like the colours in the pattern, which I think would go with a lot of clothing!

I really love this print entitled 'On Moth's Wings' by Lauren Blair. I find insects really interesting and beautiful, I even did focused part of my GCSE art coursework on them! I think this might be a screen print, which explains the quite simplistic design and blocks of colour, but it works for me. It would look lovely in a rough-cut wooden frame on my 'gallery wall'.

I also love this fabric by Kaydi Bishop called 'Mod Cubes fabric'. I think I would use it for the same thing as the previous fabric, and I love the watercolour affect to the pattern as well as how 'hand-drawn' it looks. I'm going on holiday to France in the Summer and can imagine myself wearing a skirt from this fabric with a plain top, sandals and a floppy hat! 

This notebook would be perfect for writing, and sticking, my gluten free recipes into. I don't have a book which is specifically for gluten free recipes I've cut out of magazines and newspapers and I love how it can be personalized with your name! I also really like the pear drawing on the front, as it matches the books purpose as well as looking cute. 

I love this art print entitled 'Down Under The Brooklyn Bridge' by artist JaxRobyn. I love the colours and minimalist feel it has. I also really like the idea of the almost 'bokeh' imagery, which reminds me of the photographs by Saul Leiter. 

You can check out the website here- I'm sure you will find something you love! Their new art collection features loads of beautiful pieces and can be viewed here. 

Until next time, 

Holly Olivia x

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