Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Macro photography

The other week we went on a family holiday to Derbyshire over the bank holiday weekend. I don't really like camping, but I did enjoy going on walks to take photos near the campsite we stayed at. I really like macro photography; especially photographing flowers as they look so much more beautiful close-up. To take these photos I used my Nikon D3200 DSLR on the macro setting, and using a manual focus. 

One of the things I love about using a manual focus when taking photos is that, you are in control of what you focus the camera on within the frame and it can make your photographs look very dream-like. Using a softer focus really makes certain parts of the subject pop and stand out, which makes a much more interesting photograph, in my opinion. It was quite unusual for me to have so many landscape orientated photos, my photography teacher always comments on how I take portrait photos all the time, even when I'm photographing landscapes! I think I just feel more comfortable holding my camera portrait. 

Until next time, 

Holly Olivia x


  1. I love your photo's, I'd love to get out and try some macro for myself now :)
    I completely agree about manual focus - it's good being in control!

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

    1. Thank you! You should try it, I've even got some nice photos of just moss on walls using macro.

      Holly Olivia x


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