Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Gluten free at Stokesley Fish & Chip shop

Quick note- I am off to France tomorrow, until August 12th, so there will be no new posts during that time. There will, however, be a post on Claude Monet's house (which I am visiting) and some summery outfit posts, shot in locations such as La Rochelle, once I return.
Anyway on with this post, a few weeks ago, we went to stay with my Nan in Great Ayton for the weekend, and whilst we were there, we decided to visit the fish and chip shop in the nearby village of Stokesley, as they do gluten free meals.

The decor inside was really lovely, and laid out like a 1950s diner, which took me by surprise! We sat by the window, which looked out onto the high street, meaning that there was a cool breeze and lots of light from the open window, which was lovely.

My sister, Jasmine, had chicken nuggets and chips, as well as a vanilla milkshake. She liked both, but said she'd have preferred slightly more ice cream, as the texture wasn't thick enough for an ice cream milkshake. In her opinion, she got too many chips, and couldn't eat them all, but she does have a small appetite. 

I opted for the gluten free cod and ships (obviously), and Fentimans 'Rose Lemonade'. Honestly, I am not overly keen on fish and chips in general. I enjoy them when I have them, but they aren't my favourite take-away by any means. I really liked the fish and chips from Stokesley, the portion sizes were extremely manageable for my appetite, and there were luckily no bones in the fish. The only slight let down was that you had to pay a bit more for the gluten free version, I understand why but I have to pay more for all of my food anyway, and it all adds up. Overall I prefer the gluten free fish and chips from Marshall's in Tynemouth, which they have every other Thursday, to the ones from Stokesley. This is due to the gluten free chips at Stokesley being slightly too dry, and there being a lack of gluten free vinegar. (I should really have brought my own, but was told by my Nan that there was some available). Nevertheless, I would happily eat the fish and chips from Stokesley again!  

Until next time, 

Holly Olivia x
Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Experimenting with Dylon dyes

Apologies for being somewhat MIA last week and for not posting, but I woke up at 5am on Tuesday and was really sick, so couldn't face finishing this post and taking pictures to go up on the same day, or in the following few days.
Anyway, during my exams, I was sent some Dylon fabric dyes to experiment with, and I have finally used two of them! Currently, I have no use for the other two shades, but may do a follow-up post with them once I've used them for something. Also, in-case anyone is more observant than people at college and my friends, yes, I have had 6 inches cut off my hair.... I can't believe no one noticed.

Shade of dye- Flamingo pink

With the first shade of dye (flamingo pink), I decided to make a kimono, which I had originally seen in the French version of Mollie Makes, whilst I was in Lille last year. In the end, I didn't make the kimono exactly the same, as the instructions were quite confusing and not very comprehensible, so I just made a pattern by drawing around a kimono that I already owned. I dyed the fabric an ombre pink before cutting out the pieces, which in hindsight was a mistake, as the dip dye doesn't quite match up under one of the sleeves. To make the kimono, I used a lightweight cotton fabric, which was only £2.99 a metre- so very affordable and airy for wearing in the summer weather.

I wore it with another pair of shorts which I made last year, this time out of a vintage 50s floral taffeta fabric, which I got for £5 at Tynemouth Market, my new Accessorize sunglasses and a simple vest top, which I got from Primark last Summer. I am so happy with how the kimono turned out, the ombre worked really well and I love how bright the pink colouring is. I'll look forward to wearing it on the French beaches next week!

Shade of dye- China Blue 

I used the second shade of dye (China Blue), to dip-dye this white Primark top. Because the blue was very pale, it didn't get as much of an ombre effect as I'd hoped it would, but I really like how it turned out and how it isn't too in your face. 

Hidin' in da foliage 

Say 'Bonjour' to the demon-potato babies in my knees 

I wore the top with the black brocade shorts I made last year, my Olivia Burton watch and my 'Gatsby' shoes. I didn't know if the shorts would be too much, when paired with the brocade-style edge of my top, but I think it looks lovely and really great for summer. 

Dylon dyes are available at Wilkinsons stores nationwide!

Until next time, 

Holly Olivia x
Wednesday, 1 July 2015

June Favourites

I am finally jumping on the bandwagon of doing monthly favourite posts! Despite not being a beauty blogger in any way, and having a lack of make-up knowledge, I have somehow ended up having mostly beauty favourites this month.

Beauty Favourites 

Soap & Glory Kickass concealer in shade light
I don't usually wear concealer daily with my make-up, but for some reason my skin was not very good this month. I kept getting breakouts, and scabby spots, which are so difficult to cover up! However, this product has a lot of coverage, I did have to apply more throughout the day, but that is expected. It was also only £6, which is a really good price, and it blends in really well with my foundation. 

My Little Beauty (from My Little Box) eye pencil
This was actually from the May My Little Box, but I have only recently started using it more often. At first, I had no idea what to use it for, until I watched one of Suzie (Hello October)'s Youtube videos, where she did a brown/bronze smokey eye. I've been using the crayon in a similar way, blending it out from my top lashes to just past my eye crease. I love the colour, and it's really nicely packaged as well as being easy to use!

Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo 
Since getting a fringe cut in, I have been using dry shampoo again for days when my fringe is looking a bit lifeless or greasy, but my hair doesn't need washing. Usually, I stick to the Batiste dry shampoo, but my mum bought me this one by mistake and I love it! For one, it smells amazing. (Enough to sometimes cause me to apply it to my hair, just to make my hair smell nicer) It also doesn't leave as much white colouring in your hair, like the Batiste ones, which makes it easier to brush out if you have dark hair like me. 

Fashion Favourites 

George at ASDA swimsuit 
My fashion favourite this month is my new swimwear from George at ASDA. My family and I are going to France in late July, and we'll be spending a lot of time at the beach or by the pool. What first caught my eye about this piece, was the print and the shape. I love the bandeau top and the ruches at the side of it. It fits me really well and I'm sure it'll look really cool on the French beaches with a big hat and sunglasses! 

Lifestyle Favourites 

Pintail spiced ginger and lemon thyme candle 
My friend Caroline came round the other week and we looked around Tynemouth market and some of the cute, independent shops in Whitley Bay. As well as eating lots of cake; I picked up my first ever candle *gasp* from Boda Home in Whitley Bay, I spent a while choosing which scent I liked best, but opted for spiced ginger and lemon thyme. At only £3.95, for an expected 14 hour burn time, it was a done deal. I think that the scent was meant to be used as an Autumn or Winter candle, but I'm still going to burn it all year round. It smells really refreshing and comforting, from the spices, which reminds me of spiced hot apple juice at Christmas! I also like how simplistic and minimalist the packaging is, but it still looks nice in the home. I keep mine on a small vintage plate, to stop the heat from marking any furniture. The plate also handily doubles up as a place to keep the jewelry I wear daily, so it's easily accessible.  

Let me know your monthly favourites in the comments! 

Until next time, 

Holly Olivia x