Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Gluten free at Stokesley Fish & Chip shop

Quick note- I am off to France tomorrow, until August 12th, so there will be no new posts during that time. There will, however, be a post on Claude Monet's house (which I am visiting) and some summery outfit posts, shot in locations such as La Rochelle, once I return.
Anyway on with this post, a few weeks ago, we went to stay with my Nan in Great Ayton for the weekend, and whilst we were there, we decided to visit the fish and chip shop in the nearby village of Stokesley, as they do gluten free meals.

The decor inside was really lovely, and laid out like a 1950s diner, which took me by surprise! We sat by the window, which looked out onto the high street, meaning that there was a cool breeze and lots of light from the open window, which was lovely.

My sister, Jasmine, had chicken nuggets and chips, as well as a vanilla milkshake. She liked both, but said she'd have preferred slightly more ice cream, as the texture wasn't thick enough for an ice cream milkshake. In her opinion, she got too many chips, and couldn't eat them all, but she does have a small appetite. 

I opted for the gluten free cod and ships (obviously), and Fentimans 'Rose Lemonade'. Honestly, I am not overly keen on fish and chips in general. I enjoy them when I have them, but they aren't my favourite take-away by any means. I really liked the fish and chips from Stokesley, the portion sizes were extremely manageable for my appetite, and there were luckily no bones in the fish. The only slight let down was that you had to pay a bit more for the gluten free version, I understand why but I have to pay more for all of my food anyway, and it all adds up. Overall I prefer the gluten free fish and chips from Marshall's in Tynemouth, which they have every other Thursday, to the ones from Stokesley. This is due to the gluten free chips at Stokesley being slightly too dry, and there being a lack of gluten free vinegar. (I should really have brought my own, but was told by my Nan that there was some available). Nevertheless, I would happily eat the fish and chips from Stokesley again!  

Until next time, 

Holly Olivia x


  1. Looks like you had a great time, and the food looks great !
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    1. Thank you! I'll follow you now, I have been reading some of your posts and I love them.

      Holly Olivia x

  2. So cool that this is gluten free,looks yum! X

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    1. It was a lovely meal!

      Holly Olivia x


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