Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Fashion blogger event at Jules B in Jesmond

Apologies about there being no new post last week, but I have been so busy with college work! About a month ago, I received an invite to a fashion blogger event at a designer boutique in Jesmond. I had never heard of Jules B beforehand but then again, I haven't really explored Jesmond much, so I was excited to go and see what it was like.

What I wore

I wore my new Ruby &Frank purchase, which are these abstractly patterned trousers by a brand called 'Influence', they are such a soft, silky fabric, which is so comfortable to wear! I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit minimal, so I paired the trousers with a black lace top from Zara, my H&M blazer and low black heels, which I got from Warehouse a couple of years ago. I also borrowed my mum's statement necklace, as I knew the muted pinks, greys, blues and purples would go well with my outfit. To add a pop of colour, I wore 'Daisy Days' nail varnish, from Rita Ora's collection with Rimmel London. In terms of make-up, I used more bronzer than usual, seeing as it was an evening event, and I opted for a more nude smokey eye, using the Topshop palette 'Subversive'. I bought this palette with a voucher I had, last time I went into Newcastle with Caroline, and I love the shades in it! I paired this with a nude lip and backcombed my hair slightly, to create a more voluminous side ponytail. (Which definitely deflated by the end of the event)

The event

My sense of direction is awful, so despite getting lost several times on the way to the event (even using Google Maps didn't help much!), I did eventually find the shop. When I arrived, I was given a glass of Prosecco and was left to wander around and look through the stunning array of clothes. 

A gorgeous two-piece by Alice & Olivia 

Very Clueless-inspired pieces by Vivienne Westwood

I am in love with the Vivienne Westwood rings 

Senso Valleri Leopard Print Heels, which I wish I was cool enough to pull off
After the other bloggers arrived (there was four of us in total), we were given a really fascinating talk by Hayley, who is in charge of styling and sourcing the new pieces and designers, about different A/W trends, new designers in their collection and what she thought the key pieces for the new season were.
The other bloggers who attended were all really lovely, although I spoke to Natalie the most, so didn't get to know Kitty and Alexis very well, but they all have lovely blogs which I have enjoyed reading since! The other girls came more prepared than me, with notebooks and pens to write down details about designers and different pieces down in, woops, so I will make sure to be more prepared for events in the future. I think I can be somewhat forgiven, however, seeing as I came almost straight from college.
At the end of the evening, we were kindly presented with a goody bag each, containing a gorgeously soft Pashmina scarf, and a silver, or gold, bracelet. The latter of which I have worn a lot since the event!
Thank you to the girls at Jules B for inviting me, putting on such a good event and being so lovely!
You can see their product range here.

Until next time, 

Holly Olivia x
Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A day at the zoo!

I swear that I am almost finished with holiday-related posts! 
Whilst in La Rochelle, we went to a zoo for half a day. Natur'Zoo de Mervent wasn't as big as say, London or Edinburgh zoo, which made it perfect for visiting in temperatures of over 30 degrees, as spending a whole day there would have been too much. There were picnic benches in the carpark, which is in the middle of a forest, so it was lovely to sit there and eat our food, before going into the zoo.  

I wore the skirt I made from the fabric I was sent by Minted.com (you can read my review of them here), with a Zara embroidered lace top my Aunt gave me, and the cuff bracelet which came in kit form in the May edition of 'My Little Box'. The colours of the thread on the bracelet compliment the colours in my skirt perfectly, and it was a perfect outfit for the temperature and setting, as it was comfy enough to wear all day. 

Jasmine taking a selfie with a goat.... as you do. 
There was a small farm where they had guinea pigs and a pen of goats and llamas, where you got to walk through and stroke them, the selfie taking was optional.

There was also a walk through enclosure of lemurs, and most of them seemed to be sleeping in the grass, which sounds like a pretty good life to me.  

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Holly Olivia x
Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Les jardins de Claude Monet

Whilst in France, one of the places we visited was the gardens and house of the artist Claude Monet. He definitely isn't my favourite artist, but his paintings are beautiful; as was his house and gardens. We stayed near Giverny, and it was about 12 minutes in the car to the house, where we had to queue for about 20 minutes to get in. I'd definitely recommend getting there early, we got there at 10am, half an hour after it opened, and it was really busy already. 
I can't remember the price, but I do recall that it was a bit over-priced for somewhere you could only spend a couple of hours. You weren't allowed to take food into the grounds, so it wasn't as if you could have stayed there and just had a picnic in the sun. 
I honestly don't know what to say about the photos, as I think they really speak for themselves. 

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Holly Olivia x
Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Bedroom update: Gallery Wall

First of all, yesterday was my blog's first birthday! A year ago, I stood in my garden and demanded my sister to take photos of me for my new blog, they're awkward and don't even look that much like me anymore, so it's (embarrasing) and crazy to look back and realize that it has only been a year. More vividly, I remember the weather being lovely last year, but when I wrote this, I was wrapped up in a jumper and dressing gown whilst it poured down, oh well. Thank you to everyone who has read my blog over the past year, and who has nominated me last year (and hopefully this year too!) in my local blog awards, it means so much to me. 

Up until recently; one of my bedroom walls was bright green, but I had grown sick of it, so decided to re-paint it white, like my other bedroom walls. This meant I could cover the wall in artwork and postcards I've collected from galleries and Paperchase. I am so happy with how it turned out, it makes my room look loads bigger and more photogenic for my blog photos (obvs), so I thought I'd share some photos. 

This is my new desk area. I used to cover my table in clutter, so could never blog or work there. I am so glad I sorted it out, so now I don't have to sit on the floor when I paint. (Which really hurts your back, by the way!) The top left framed print of Paris is from Ella Masters, who is an amazing illustrator and blogger, and the other framed prints were from Flow magazine, which I picked up when I was in France. In between the framed prints, I have a Monet postcard, the flyer about my GCSE art exhibition (my work is in the middle of it), a Belle and Boo card from Paperchase, and a Van Gogh postcard. 

If you have been reading my blog since the beginning, you may remember the little succulent plant, which I planted at the Festival of Thrift last September. The hand is something I bought recently from The Works. I find drawing hands so hard, so hopefully this will be a good thing to draw from, so I can get the shape and proportions right. The 'I only have eyes for you' print is from an artist called Sarika Thakoral,and the little flower drawing was a raffle ticket for an event at the Ouseburn galleries in Newcastle.

This is the corner of the room where my bed is, and I had already created a 'gallery wall' here, before I painted my other wall. At the top there is a Star Wars poster (nerd), and a quote print, although I can't remember exactly where I got it from. Then there is an Egon Schiele inspired large canvas board painting I did, which I framed as well. The shapes in the background are all art galleries in Newcastle. I think it's one of my favourite painting that I have ever done, I love Schiele's work and I also love doing large scale artwork. It also makes for interesting conversation, as when people come round to our house, I get told by my mum to 'show Grandma your nude' or 'Show so and so your nude', which sounds rather dodgy. Underneath that are postcards I have picked up in Paperchase over the course of a few years.

Yes, I do have the whole Totoro 'family', a Chewbacca plush and a Star Wars duvet. 

This is the wall which I painted last month, I love how I can add so much colour to it by hanging up artwork, now that it's no longer bright green. On the left is a vintage style camera poster, which I got from Paperchase in January and I love! Then there are some quote posters, and the photo-booth pictures I got when I went to town with my friend, Caroline. The centre-piece of this wall is the beautiful Wallography botanical hanging poster, which I won in a competition with Betty Magazine last year. In the frame is a postcard I bought about seven years ago in France, and, next to it, the print from August's 'My Little Box'. Annndd we continue with the Paperchase postcards.... The central one of Audrey Hepburn is my favourite, as she is such an icon to me and the photo by Norman Parkinson is so stunning. Last, but not least, is my framed Matisse 'Blue Nude II' print, which my granddad bought me from the Tate, when we visited last summer. 
I hope you like my new room as much as I do! I always love looking at interiors, so hopefully other people do and I am not just a creepy stalker. 

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Holly Olivia x