Thursday, 26 November 2015

Art Portfolio

For my finished pieces of work; I have included a variety of works I have created which show my skill set and the variety of materials I enjoy using. At the beginnings of my project, I began using inks and watercolours, in order to work in quite an illustrative style. More recently, however, I have discovered that my forte is abstraction; focussing on colour, tones, shapes and working on more unusual materials such as wood and canvas board, opposed to paper. This has also allowed me to experiment with using palette knives and pieces of cardboard to paint with, which is what I have used mainly for my abstract portraits included in my digital portfolio. These works were inspired by Janet Wayte, Peter Hallam and, more recently, Kandinsky; who I have only just begun to work in the style of. One reason I enjoy working abstractly, is not having to draw. I like sketching and drawing, but I prefer to paint and I like how painting straight away onto the canvas forces you to work with your mistakes. I have also included some of my A level photography work. At the beginning of this year, we were set the task of looking at documentary photography, so I decided to create my own series of documentary photos when I went to the open day in Glasgow. I really like this image, because of the composition, framing and colours of the lights reflected in the rain. Recently, I have been exploring the theme of fashion and portraiture photography, and I have included two of my photos from a series of studio portraits I took of my friend; inspired by Ben Hassett and exploring the idea of how makeup changes our identity. For my preparatory work, I have included pages from my sketchbooks, including my textiles sketchbook; which I did up to AS level last year. For my AS project on identity, I began by sketching items that I felt linked to my identity. I then experimented with drawing these items again onto different materials, including maps. Primarily; I looked at cameras as I have always loved photography and I have a lot of vintage cameras which are amazing to draw. Later, I was inspired by Tracey Emin’s work to create self-portraits in ink; scribbling out the faces to convey a sense of a loss of identity and belonging. I also combined this work with my mixed media backgrounds, drawing onto a map and an envelope. From a watercolour self-portrait, I created collages using photocopies of my work and extracts of stories I wrote about when I was bullied; to create a more personal and raw series of works. My observational drawings are of mouldering fruits and vegetables, to link to my A2 project on ‘transform’ and the idea of decay and rotting. I began by doing 2B tonal pencil drawings, but later decided to try using inks, watercolours and charcoal to create more unusual and experimental drawings.

Finished pieces
November 2015- acrylic on wood
This is a self portrait inspired by Peter Hallam and Frida Kahlo, exploring the theme of identity. 

November 2015- Acrylic on canvas board
Portrait of my sister inspired by Kahlo and Hallam, pictured with her two favourite animals; to show her identity.

September 2015- Watercolour and pencil on paper
Self portrait inspired by Kahlo and Henrietta Harris, exploring my identity through objects (my camera).
September 2015- Print on paper with washes of watercolour paint
 Print made with mouldy fruits and vegetables and painted into with watercolour. I like the illustrative feel to this print.
October 2015- Acrylic on wood 
Janet Wayte inspired abstract painting of onions on a block of wood. This was when I began experimenting with abstraction.

November 2015- acrylic on wood and an old map
Inspired by overlayed photos taken of fruits and vegetables, I wanted to experiment with painting onto different backgrounds and materials.

November 2015- Acrylic on wood and a map 
Another abstract piece inspired by overlayed photos taken of fruits and vegetables; with a Janet Wayte inspired background.
October 2015- watercolour on paper
I painted cabbage leaves with acrylic paint and created some paintings from them; including this watercolour one.
October 2015- Photograph
I was only in Glasgow for one night but wanted to portray the beauty of the city; even at nighttime.

November 2015- Photograph
Ben Hassett inspired portrait of my friend. I preferred this image cropped because the framing and composition looked visually better.

Observational Work

September 2015- 2B pencil on paper
Observational drawing of a rotting onion. I liked the darker tones and highlights in this sketch.

September 2015- 2B pencil on paper
Observational drawing of an onion and apple. I like the tonal shading and graphic- look to the apple.

September 2015- Watercolour and ink on paper
Ink pen sketch from a photograph I took of an onion, with a wash of watercolour, to add vibrancy.
October 2015- Charcoal on newspaper 
I decided to use various charcoal shades for this tonal sketch. I like the shapes and lines in the fruit.

September 2015- Ink and watercolour on paper 
This drawing was done in ink and watercolour, and I like the shapes of the onion and the graphic look. 

September 2015- Watercolour and ink on paper 
This is of half of an onion, drawn with watered down ink and a wash of background colour.

Sketchbook work

June 2015- Ink on mixed papers
I wanted to create a different look to my sketches, by drawing onto different types of papers.

June 2015- Ink on mixed papers
Drawn with ink and a paintbrush, and then a cocktail stick for the  lace details on the top.

October 2015- Collage made from a photocopied self portrait and mixed papers 
I created 'articles' about me being bullied, and circled negative comments people said about me.

October 2015- Collage made from a photocopied self portrait and mixed papers 
I circled details about the physical abuse I received and I like the sepia tones to this collage.

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