Friday, 6 November 2015

The Handmade Treat Co

Last week I received a very exciting email from the Handmade Treat Company, who are a new subscription service offering healthy vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free boxes of snacks. I was sent a box of specially picked gluten free snacks, due to my dietary requirements, but they usually offer a non-edible handmade gift, such as a soap or body scrub. The box is £14.99 and the majority of the food they send out is organic, preservative free and GMO free, so it is a very healthy treat!

I was sent a recipe for vegan chocolate chip cookies, which I haven't made yet but I definitely will be. I haven't tried many gluten free cookie recipes, and I haven't ever baked something vegan so I am going to be putting a lot of ingredients on next week's shopping list! They also included a multitude of snacks for me to try, and a lovely handwritten note- I love personal touches. 

These chocolate orange drops were the first thing I tried, and they were delicious! I used to love Terry's Chocolate Orange, but they all say 'may contain gluten', so I tend to avoid them. These, however, were so much nicer as well as dairy, gluten and wheat free- so perfect for those of us with allergies. 

Both of these products which were included in my box were also so tasty. I love cookies, but there aren't as many nice gluten free options, however this one was not crumbly like a lot of gluten free food is. The toasted corn kernels were really moreish and quite unusual compared to a lot of other snacks I've had before. 

I wasn't as keen on these brandy flavoured sweets, as I don't like the taste of brandy anyway, so I will see if my parents want to try them! 

I don't like figs much, but this was my favourite snack in the box! The yogurt melts in it taste so much like the Onken cherry yogurt- which I adore. I will definately be looking out for these snacks in shops to take to college with me for my lunches! 
Not only are the Handmade Treat Company boxes packed with delicious products, which all possess health benefits, but they are great value for money. Especially when you bear in mind how expensive 'free from' products are. I would definitely recommend buying one!

You can find Handmade Treat Co on social media- @handmadetreatco
And online at-

Holly x


  1. These look wonderful. I'm not on any special dietary requirements, but I think I'd subscribe to this if they shipped outside of the States.

    May | THE MAYDEN

    1. I was really impressed with the quality of the item I received! They're only a new company, so hopefully they'll start shipping to more places soon and you'll be able to buy one! x

  2. All the snacks look so yummy! I love subscription boxes, mostly because I forget about them, and then it's like a present to myself when they arrive! (:

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

    1. I love subscription boxes for this reason too! And I love surprises and getting parcels or letters in the post x


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