Friday, 20 November 2015

Trek Bar review

Being on a gluten free diet, and having a ridiculously fast metabolism, means that I am always hungry but can't eat many of the snacks I used to love. Crisps, biscuits, flapjacks and most cereal bars are no longer an option for me, but then I heard about Trek bars made by Natural Balance Foods. Trek are energy bars which come in many different flavours and are gluten, wheat and dairy free. 
In all honesty, I am a bit funny with cereal bars. I was ill during my GCSEs so was allowed food in exams, to make sure that I didn't faint, and I ate a lot of cereal bars then, so associate them with being ill. However, trying Trek bars has definitely changed my mind and I shall be eating cereal bars in my breaks at college a lot more!

Cocoa Chaos bar- The main ingredients of this bar are cashews, dates, gluten free oats, raisins and fruit juice. This was the first bar I tried and I really love it! My sister even had one and enjoyed it, despite her saying that she 'doesn't like cereal bars at all'. So, even if you don't like cereal bars usually, you will probably like Trek energy bars.
Berry Burst bar- The main ingredients in this bar are raspberries, dates, gluten free oats and raisins. One of my favourite things about these bars are the fact that they are in three sections, which you can break off. This means that they are easy to eat on the go and makes them much more 'bitesized' than they would be if they were in one single bar. 

Peanut Power bar- The main ingredients of this bar are dates, peanuts, peanut butter and gluten free oats. I LOVE peanut butter on toast, as an alternative to flour in cookies, or in Reese's Peanut Butter Cups so I was really excited to try this flavour bar! In fact; this was the bar I had the highest hopes for and was the most excited to taste, and I was not disappointed. There is a strong taste of peanut butter to the bar, and it has a nice crunch from the nuts, oats and 'soya protein crunchies'- so a perfect snack for anyone who likes peanut butter as much as I do! 
Banana Blast bar- The main ingredients in this bar are dried banana, gluten free oats and dates. I don't usually like banana flavour things, but this tastes like the foam banana sweets, which I used to love. I am not sure about the taste of this one though, I might stick to the other three flavours instead! 

Thanks for reading! Let me know your favourite snacks in the comments.

Holly Olivia x


  1. These look really nice! I am not a big fan of cereal bars, but I love the nakd bars and these sound similar. Going to get one next time I'm at the shops! x

    Bethan Likes

    1. They are quite a lot like the Nakd bars, but I prefer these as they are bigger (ha!) and have a much nicer taste, in my opinion x


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