Friday, 11 December 2015

Trying gluten free snacks from Holland and Barrett

I initially went into Holland & Barrett for Lentil Chips as they are my absolute FAVOURITE gluten free snack, but went a bit nuts when I heard it was buy one, get one half price so decided to try some new snacks for my blog. The first snack I tried was these apple crisps from Emily Fruit Crisps which were £1.79. I have never been overly keen on fruit crisps because they are often quite mushy and have little flavour, but these still tasted of fresh apple and were lovely and crispy. This is due to them being cooked in a vacuum, which helps them retain flavour and health benefits. These crisps are gluten free, vegan and contain no added sugar, preservatives or additives- so a very healthy snack for on the go! (Also, how stunning is the packaging?!) 

I then tried these Raw Chocolate Goji Berries, from the Raw Chocolate Co. I think I heard Amelia Liana mention these in a vlog and was desperate to try them! These are gluten free and vegan, as the chocolate is made with coconut butter. These were seriously delicious and cost £1.49.

Being gluten free, most crisps are off the menu for me but these crisps are some of the best I have tried and the bag size is perfect if you have a big appetite (like myself!). I got the chilli and lemon flavour which are just hot enough and at only 79p for a fairly big bag; they're a common staple in my diet when I am out. 

I thought these sounded really tasty. I always eat seeds in my granola and with yogurt for breakfast, and I think they taste especially good with honey. These seeds are cooked with coconut and honey, and were very good but not quite sweet enough for me, and were the most expensive snack I bought at £1.99.

Holly Olivia x


  1. I absolutely love the packaging on the Emily Fruit Crisps, i'd probably buy them alone just for the design! I think I'll try these as I love dried fruit, especially banana!

    Great post by the way, I haven't read anything similar before!

    Ami x

    1. They did banana, apple and mango (I think) crisps as well. Part of the reason why I bought them was for the design because it is so pretty and really unusual for a crisp packet! Thank you so much x


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