Saturday, 23 January 2016


Once again, I have been very MIA on here but haven't known what to post, or had the time to. Since I last posted, I have set up a Society6 shop selling prints of my paintings and photography work, started a life drawing course at the Mushroom Works in Newcastle and discovered that Brighton University liked my online portfolio enough to offer me an interview for fine art!
Honestly, I haven't felt as happy blogging for a while now. Due to being so busy with college work, I haven't had the time to put as much into my posts and to join Twitter chats meaning my views have slumped massively. I don't want this to end up as an empty space online, so I will be making it more art based, and sharing my work as well as inspirations. (Since I will hopefully be doing art full time at uni in September- it will become my life!) I still want to post about style, as I enjoy putting together outfits and buying clothes, but I haven't felt as confident with how I look recently, so they won't be as regular on my blog.
My posting may be more sporadic, however, I will try to post as often as I can and improve my blog content! I'm going to Brighton on February 15th for my interview, and staying for two nights, so will be sure to post photos of the city on here! Below are two of my favourite pieces from my life drawing class. I have improved so much in two weeks of classes and am so much more confident with my drawing ability. (I think this was partly due to having a female model the second week, which I prefer and was more practiced in drawing)

Holly Olivia x

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