Wednesday, 24 February 2016

ANOTHER update

There are two reasons why I haven't posted lately.

One- I have been super busy with interviews for uni and college work
Two- I haven't been feeling my best, mentally, so wanted to take a break.

The latter comes after having my interview at Leeds College of Art. I am in love with the university. It is perfect for me and the course seems outstanding, but they rejected my application to study there. Due to one thing or another, the rest of my application process hasn't gone fab. Whilst everyone else at college has offers, I have only received UCAS updates about my applications being 'unsuccessful'. The only other person applying to art college in my year keeps coming into art with positive news, whereas I am still waiting for some good news to tell Emma (my art teacher), after waiting since I sent off my UCAS form away in November. Anyhoo, I'll give you a run down on some of the things that I have recently done.

Heading back to the car with my portfolio after my interview

On Valentine's Day, my parents and I drove down to Brighton for my fine art painting interview the next day. It was a long drive, but Brighton was a lovely place, despite me having a virus! We had a walk around after we arrived and booked ourselves in at Pizza Express for later in the evening, and then went back to the hotel for a rest. The next day, we had to be up bright and early as I had to be at the uni for 9.30am! Luckily, there were only two other applicants being interviewed that day, so it went quickly. I also got told that the staff were so impressed with my online portfolio that I submitted  alongside my UCAS form, that I was one of only four applicants being interviewed straight from A level!!! (That is worthy of the extra exclamation marks). Following my interview, we headed to The Breakfast Club for lunch where I had a halloumi sandwich and fried potatoes; which was super tasty. We then looked around some shops in the Lanes and Snooper's Paradise, but sadly had to head back to the hotel early as I was feeling so run down. 

A couple of days after returning from Brighton, we headed into Durham to buy chickens for Jasmine's birthday present. She got a white silkie chicken called Clucky, and a goldtop called Pecky and they are really sweet additions to the family.
I have also been busy with revision for business, finishing my coursework for art and photography as well as my contextual study for photography and beginning my two exam projects for my AS and A2 fine art- so a fair amount of work!
I am heading off to a vintage fair in Newcastle this Saturday to take photographs of strangers for my A2 exam unit, where I am exploring people's perceptions of each other and how we judge what people look like. One of the artists who I have been inspired by is Hanna Ilczyszyn, I came across her work on The Jealous Curator blog and I love the techniques and colours she uses.

Hope you are all well, 

Holly Olivia x
Friday, 5 February 2016

Recent secondhand finds

I have spent the entirety of this week excited for my Leeds College of Art interview tomorrow (February 6th!!), as well as working on my art and photography sketchbooks and business revision. I have been accumulating items from charity shops, markets and Depop over the past month or so, and wanted to share what I have found on here! 

These two art books were from Tynemouth market a few weeks ago. The stall owners was a couple in their late 60s and they chatted to me about the art exhibitions that they had been to and their favourite artists; they were so sweet! I only paid £5 for both books, which was a bargain. The Albert Irvin book is right up my street, as I love working with large brush strokes and bright colours. Although I cannot paint like Edward Hopper, I love his style of painting- lots of his work reminds me of Lana Del Ray music videos and Wes Anderson films.

I tried on this Glamorous skirt in Ruby and Frank in Tynemouth, but the small size was too large! I looked everywhere online for an XS size and stumbled across one on Depop. This size is still slightly too big for my tiny waist, but it is so pretty and will be easy to alter, if I want to.

I found this book in a charity shop  in Whitley Bay. Drawing is the area of art which I am least confident in, which is partly why I enrolled on the life drawing course! This book talks through the dimensions of the figure, shading techniques, perspective.. etc. It also includes Paul Klee as one of the artists to look at, which is good for those of us who may not be the best at realistic drawing. ;)

Holly Olivia x