Friday, 11 March 2016

Bedroom update

Hello again! 
I first spotted this duvet on the Betty blog and um-ed and ah-ed over it for a couple of weeks, when it was reduced again, I decided to take the plunge and buy it! I'm staying in Newcastle next year to do an art foundation course, but went ahead and bought a double size, rather than a single, as I didn't want to buy a new duvet for only one year, especially seeing as it is so pretty! I pulled my bed away from the wall slightly, and the duvet fits fine with some overhang on either side. A bonus was also getting another matching pillowcase! The duvet is reversible so you can have the bolder, black side facing up, or the more delicate, white side facing up. I love the contrast between the two sides and the pops of yellow from the floral print. 

I also rearranged/tidied up my bookcase. The middle shelf has all of my books on, which are smaller than A4, I have a fair few copies of Alice in Wonderland, cookbooks, fashion books etc. All of my art and photography books are another shelf in my room. On top of my bookcase are all my magazines; Frankie, Betty, Oh! Comely and any mentioning Alexa Chung.... I also have one of my film cameras, my flower press and a card featuring Frida Kahlo, which I got at the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh, when we went there on a photography trip in December.

The beautiful peg and clear, hanging frame are from Wilkos and they are some of my favourite items within my room.

Holly Olivia x


  1. I love your room! The new bedding is really nice, I rarely see anything with a black base like this, but I really like it! xx

    Bethan Likes


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