Friday, 1 April 2016

Favourite things in March


Happy April! I have decided to get back into posting my monthly favourites, as they are some of my favourite posts to read.

My first favourite this month is a book. I have been trying to eat healthier recently and am loving Deliciously Ella Everyday. It is packed full of quick and healthy plant based dishes which are all gluten and refined sugar free. For a couple of weeks, I was living off the pasta arrabiata recipe as it tastes amazing and only requires three fresh ingredients, so it is easy to make on days when the kitchen isn't fully stocked.

My second favourite this month is a herbal tea from the English Tea Shop. It contains lemongrass, apple, orange, marigold flowers and spices and I have been drinking an average of two large cups a day, recently. It doesn't have a hugely strong flavour but it still tastes amazing and is possibly my new favourite herbal tea ever!

I only have one makeup favourite this month which is a liquid lipstick from Bourjois. I was initially drawn to this because of the name 'Souffle de Velvet' which sounds heavenly in itself. I got it in 04 Ravie en Rose which is a pale pink shade; think 'your lips but better'. Wearing it makes me feel a bit like Anna Karina (well, a girl can dream). This lipstick stays put for a few hours but I am not overly keen on the applicator as it doesn't apply smoothly and evenly, so I prefer to dab it on with my fingers.

My last favourite is a film from 1961 starring Anna Karina, called 'Une femme est une femme'. (A woman is a woman). It follows a baby-crazed stripper who doesn't fully know her own heart and which man she is in love with. The storyline is a bit odd, but it is worth watching for the incredible 60s wardrobe and makeup. My two favourite outfits in the film are the sailor outfit she wears during the strip-tease scene and her cute red cardigan, worn backwards, with a chunky belt and tartan midi skirt- so adorable!

What did you love last month?

Holly Olivia x


  1. Great post! Love how you have laid all of your pictures out!

    I'm over at

    KT xo.

    1. Thank you! Free wallpaper samples are my new best friend for photographs! x


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