Friday, 17 June 2016

Bee Good Skincare

The other week I woke up to find out that I had won a giveaway with Bee Good and Temporary Secretory blog and was so excited. I love natural skincare anyway, and I am always up for trying new products! The first thing I did when my parcel arrived was obviously take flatlay photos because #BloggerProblems

I am a HUGE skincare fan, but cannot afford to try new products all of the time; I usually use a lot of essential oils and Body Shop products. Since winning this bundle, however, I have altered my skincare routine to get the full effect of the Bee Good range. I still use my Body Shop seaweed day cream as a makeup primer, and apply my lavender, vitamin E and rose oils before bed to help combat scarring, but the Bee Good products have been the bulk of my skincare.

Cleanser- This comes with a muslin cloth, which is always SO useful and works so well for rinsing off the product. On first use, I was surprised at this cleanser as you apply it to dry skin, which I had never done before! After using it, my skin felt so clean and soft. It smells quite subtle but still lovely. Due to exam season-stress, I have noticed a slight influx of breakouts, but this cleanser has helped to clear up my skin.

Priming serum- As I am an absolute plum, I forgot to use this before my moisturizer the first few times. (That's what a primer is for, duh) The serum has blackcurrent seed oil in it, which gives it a slight fruity scent. One of the main problems I have with products which have a pump, is that you never seem to get the right amount of product, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that this bottle pumps just the right amount of serum out.

Moisturizer- This moisturizer is quite thick, so the two pumps I initially applied seemed quite cakey, however the product sunk in very quickly. The consistency of the product is so creamy and it works well on irritated skin, due to how gentle and natural the ingredients are.

Eye cream- I find that the pump on this product is too generous for the amount of product required for under my eyes. I don't always sleep well, so often suffer from dark under eyes, but can honestly say that my eyes have been much brighter and less dark since I started using this. This eye cream combined with drinking lots of water and sleep seems to be the way to go!

Overall, I luurve this range of skincare. They all sink into my skin very quickly (which was especially useful after arriving home after The Last Shadow Puppets gig, and not wanting to wait aaages for my skincare to sink in!). My face also feels SO soft after I've applied the three products before bed (I don't always have the time in the mornings!), and my skin has a much better glow to it. So a big YAY for Bee Good!

If anyone has any skincare they'd recommend, I'd love to know in the comments! 

Holly Olivia x


  1. These products look and sound amazing! Gemma x

    1. I love them! Trying out new skincare is one of my favourite things to do x

  2. Hello Lovely, thank you for visiting

    I really like the packaging. It looks clean, elegant and simple. Something I would expect to see on the shelves in a good SPA.

    I would love to connect with you on multiple platforms if we have not already:

    Love, Iga x

    1. It totally does, doesn't it? The packaging is gorgeous x


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