Tuesday, 28 June 2016

But boy could he play guitar

These trousers are possibly the funkiest things I will ever own. I got them new off Ebay and would never have been brave enough to wear them before this year! They are originally from Zara and I love the print on them, the flared bottoms, how perfectly they fit.... they are just a dream.

Out of all the high profile deaths so far this year, Bowie's has affected me the most. Hunky Dory has always been one of my favourite albums to listen to on car journeys with my mum and I've got into his other music more within the past couple of years. As a musician, an actor, an artist and an icon, Bowie influenced so many lives and I wholeheartedly think that the word feels a bit lonelier without him. After his passing, this mural was painted in Gateshead and I have been dying to shoot an outfit there- so I was eager to head along after attending a ceramics workshop at the Baltic the other weekend.

I styled my super- snazzy trousers with a white blouse, originally from Topshop, which I also got on Ebay and with my old H&M, charity shop blazer. I sometimes find it hard to be a fashion blogger on a student budget. I cannot always buy new clothes to post about, or afford the latest trends, so Ebay bargains like this are a lifesaver. I feel gutted that I cannot link any of the items but I am in love with this outfit and feel that secondhand clothing should be celebrated by bloggers more. I long to try and combine secondhand or vintage items with high street pieces in my posts more- so look out for that!

Holly Olivia x


  1. Love your photos share, and fashion street style

    Betsy Todd | www.missygowns.com/prom-dresses.html

  2. LOVE the trousers, you look really cool. Gemma x

    1. Thank you- I love them too, they are so unusual! x


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