Friday, 8 July 2016

Where I get fashion inspiration from

Today on le blog, I wanted to talk about places I get fashion inspiration from, as I always find it interesting to learn about other people's fashion inspirations and I enjoy talking about all things fashion anyway. 
First up are blogs and some of my favourite fashion bloggers are;

Pages by Megan- Okay, so I am sliiightly obsessed with Megan's blog at the moment. I love her bold clashing of prints and colours, and her photography is always beautiful. Her vintage/tomboy/rock and roll style fits in perfectly with the streets of Manchester, where most of her outfit photos are taken.

What Olivia Did- Liv is one of the first bloggers I ever followed and have always loved how she combines vintage and high street. She also has the best photographer boyfriend ever, meaning her blog photography is always stunning. 

Kate La Vie- I love Kate's mainly monochromatic style, paired with the pops of pink she's been incorporating into her outfits lately. It is also nice to see how another blogger from even further North than me handles the unpredictable weather when dressing!

Holly loves the simple things- Holly is killing it at the moment, I am loving how her style has evolved to feature more colour, pattern and texture; which I am very into anyway. She is also drop dead gorgeous and I am insanely jealous of her ginger hair! 

The Lovecats inc- Helen is a local blogger who encompasses Parisian dressing perfectly. I love how simple her outfits are, but the combinations of tailoring and fabrics works so well. I also adore how she mixes designer shoes and bags with high street bargains from the likes of Zara and Topshop. 

I own quite a few fashion-related books, which I love and always turn to for fashion inspo.

How to be Parisian- I bought this book a few months after it came out whilst on a weekend away in York, and I tore through it. It features style, beauty and lifestyle tips, but I find the fashion pages especially inspiring. It was this book which made me want to invest in a real leather jacket, as the 'signature item' in my wardrobe, and it has been so worthwhile as I wear it most days! I love how basic a Parisian's wardrobe is, and I find the simplicity in the styling within this book so inspiring!

It by Alexa Chung- I actually have two copies of this book, as I read my first copy so much that it fell apart.... I then was gifted a signed copy for my birthday, which made me die slightly. Alexa Chung is a mega style icon of mine, I love her 60s inspired, boyish dress sense and I spend hours trawling through Pinterest boards of her. Alexa talks through her style inspirations in this book and I love all the photos of her inside (mega babe alert).

Vogue covers- This book features large, colour photos of some of the most iconic covers from Vogue, since it was first published. There are A LOT of photos of Kate Moss, which I aint complaining about since she has made me feel more comfortable with my body shape, and her style is amazing. I also love finding inspiration for outfit photos from here, which is hella useful. (I am still waiting to be able to recreate THAT Norman Parkinson and Jerry Hall photograph)

Paris Street Style- I am a sucker for street style photography and the photos in this book are bright and beautiful. I also adore some of the quirky fashion ideas in this book, such as buying painters pants (weird but insanely cool) or army jackets, which are bang on trend anyway. There is also a really useful guide of shops, cafes and salons around different districts in Paris, which is super handy if you are planning a trip there. (like I wish I was)

Where do you guys get fashion inspiration from?

Holly Olivia x

PS. You can check out my Pinterest fashion board here for more inspiration!


  1. Great post, I also love some of the blogs and books. Great inspo.

    Gemma x

  2. Amazing post Holly! I adore Liv from what olivia did and How to be Parisian is such a great book, I got it for my birthday last year and I absolutely devoured it xxx

    1. How to be Parisian is honestly one of my favourite ever books! x

  3. Love this post, I'm also a huge fan of Megan and Liv! I haven't actually read it by Alexa Chung yet but it sounds so good! :)

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog

    1. Alexa's book isn't a huge read, but I have still read it about 100 times, haha. Totally recommend for some inspo x

  4. Liv was the first blogger I ever followed too!! Amazing photos indeed!! Thank you for the inspo shot (very much needed!)
    Followed your lovely blog on bloglovin!!

  5. Aw wow! I feel so honoured to be featured with such amazing ladies! Thank you so much! Xxxx

    1. No worries! Your blog is so inspiring x

  6. I also read and loved how to be parisienne!

    I definitely need to check out the other links!


    Tamara -


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