Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Changing of the seasons with Zaful

It seems to be reaching that time of year when the nights get a bit colder, and we have to wave goodbye to summer, so transitional dressing is what I am all about at the minute. Today, I am working with a brand called Zaful, who sell an incredible range of clothing, for even more incredible prices! When they got in contact with me about working together, I have to admit that I was slightly intimidated by the amount of clothing they offer. As well as plenty to match the current trends, they had so much retro-inspired clothing, which suits my style perfectly! 

Hat- C/O Zaful     Top- C/O Zaful   Skirt- Depop   Bag- Cambridge Satchel Company and Vivienne Westwood   
One of the first items I picked was this striped, off the shoulder top. I loved the print of it, and the ruffle detail around the bust is so pretty and on trend. I got it in a size S, which fits really well and is nicely over-sized but not unflattering. Considering the price, it is really good quality and is better than the quality of some clothing from the likes of Primark, which is around a similar price range. To go with it, I chose a black fedora, which is something I have been wanting to add to my wardrobe for so long! It adds a more retro element to the top, as well as just generally fitting well with the outfit. The hat is also well made, and it fits my head well, which I often find difficult. I styled both items with a simple, black A-line skirt from Depop and my fave bag. I liked how the bag adds a pop of colour and more pattern to the outfit. As well as this, I opted for a red lip, to help me channel my inner French girl.

Dress- C/O Zaful    Sunglasses- C/O Zaful      Boots- Primark
I chose the other two pieces with the aim of wearing them together. My favourite piece from this outfit is definitely the sunglasses; I love the retro style of the frames and the gold details. They are also really well made and seem very strong, considering the price. I love the colour of the dress, but am not sure how well it suits me- I am sure it would look amazing in A/W with boots and tights, but I just didn't feel like it looked as good on me as on the model, and I wasn't keen on the shinyness of the fabric. Regardless, I styled both pieces with my new Primark Chelsea boots, which I have already had a lot of compliments on, and they are perfect with the tones in this dress.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Zaful for affordable, on trend clothing. I am head over heels with the top, fedora and glasses- not so much with the dress, but I am sure others will love it!

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Holly Olivia x


  1. I have been reading so many good comments about Zaful, I'm dying for some sunglasses, I think I will try it soon ♥


    1. Their sunglasses are definitely worth looking into! x

  2. Looks like you got some nice stuff from Zaful. I love the top and sunnies.

    Gemma x

    1. They are my favourites too! And everything is so affordable x

  3. Amazing post x I love Zaful and they have amazing clothes x They are great brand :) Also loved everything you've picked x

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  4. You look absolutely stunning very cute hat, love the outfits.

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  5. I think the dress looks absolutely gorgeous on you! I love the bright colour

    1. I am not sure ,myself, but thank you! x


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