Tuesday, 6 September 2016

My week in film #1

Inspired by the lovely Lizzy Hadfield, I wanted to start doing 'my week in film' on here. I was given my film camera by a relative, and love using it so wanted to incorporate that into my blog. As someone who did A level photography, I adore taking my own photos but this isn't easy to incorporate into fashion blogging, which is why I love this idea so much! 

Monday-  I only took this photo on Monday, when I made my mum meet me after work with my camera to snap some photos! I was obviously working all day, so didn't have the chance to do much else, but I love this outfit so wanted to get some photos of it. The jacket and trousers are both from H&M in the sale, and were only £7 each-so a total bargain. This look is quite similar to what I wore in my work wear post, which is generally the kind of thing I wear day to day at work anyway. Sadly, none of the photos from the rest of the week until Friday actually turned out! It has been a while since I used this camera so am not an expert with the settings and what works when photographing inside. With more practice, things will improve though! 

 Friday- This photo is oh so slightly out of focus, but this is another outfit which I love for work! The dress was from Primark years ago, and I like the look of it with my trench coat and Vivienne Westwood bag, as it is still smart for the office but also really comfortable.

Saturday- I had a facial booked in at the Liz Earle counter on the Saturday, so my mum and I decided to head into town early and visit the Baltic gallery. The Baltic is one of my favourite galleries in Newcastle. Although the exhibitions can be kind of hit and miss, what's on at the moment is amazing! From the Egon Schiele style nudes by Christiana Soulou, to the giant wool hangings by Caroline Achaintre, which reminded me of characters that could be in the Mighty Boosh, there was something for everyone. The second photo from Saturday was from the playground project exhibition, featuring exhibits which you could bounce, climb and swing on- can I get a hell yeah?!

Sunday- On the Sunday we headed to Bowes museum near Bishop Auckland, to see the exhibition about shoes. I am not the biggest fan of wearing shoes (I would rather wander around barefoot), but I can appreciate a good shoe when I see one. As a massive fan of BBC's The Musketeers, my favourites were possibly the real musketeer boots. The rest of the museum was quite boring for me, I strongly dislike the romantic art style, and there is a finite number of spoons and clocks that you can look at. The neon sign for the exhibition I saw (below) is so cool and is definitely my aesthetic, however. 

Holly Olivia x


  1. Great posts and I love all of your looks. The exhibition sounds amazing. I love the sound of a liz Earle facial too. I use mostly Liz Earle skincare.

    Have a great day!

    Gemma x

    1. Thank you Gemma! I would definitely recommend a Liz Earle facial, the counter girls are all so lovely x

  2. Sounds that you have a lovely week! So good!
    Love all your outfits <3


  3. I love the white dress with the leather jacket look! Very cool
    Dora :)

  4. i really love this kind of post! looks like you had a pretty good week. I love your monday outfit! :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss


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