Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Hello 2017

Happy New Year! It is so strange to think that it is now 2017; where has the time gone?! I am now back at work after a really lovely break and am feeling so inspired with my blog posts; I actually have content planned until the middle of March!

As it is the New Year, I thought I'd start this post by mentioning a few goals which I have for 2017. I didn't feel like they required an entire post but I think New Year goals are something which everyone likes to read. 

1. My first goal is to get into uni! Both of my interviews are this month, and I definitely feel the pressure to get an offer (especially since I don't have anything which they can give me a conditional offer on, so am relying on an unconditional!). Starting work this year and spending so much time on my blog has just made it so clear to me that I don't want to work in any industry other than the fashion industry for the rest of my life. I've also realised that I do want to be back in education. I wasn't the biggest fan of college but being creative is something which I don't really get to do in my job and I miss learning new things every day! 

2. My second goal is to continue to improve my blog content and to grow my social media following. Since starting work, I haven't been able to partake in Twitter chats as they start when I am still at work/ travelling home/ having tea so it hasn't been easy to keep growing my following on there. My Instagram, however, has grown a lot this year, and I am looking forward to continuing to gain new followers and share content throughout 2017!

3. Stop caring what other people think. This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you don't like me then it's your loss. *insert sassy emoji*.  

4.  Shop less! I'll be going to uni later in the year which means I'll have to spend my money on serious things like bills and food. Since starting work I have, admittedly, spent a lot on myself and I need to be more thrifty from now on. Part of the pressure comes with fashion blogging, I feel like I have to have new items to link in my posts and to match current trends but from this month, I will be shopping secondhand and vintage a lot more. There is no better feeling than finding a killer item for dirt-cheap on Depop (my fave) or in a charity shop. I've been avoiding the January sales (mainly) but have already found a couple of bargains so watch this space!

2017 goals aside, for my first post of this year, I wanted to do a mini review of my Kate Spade Orchard Street Arla bag, which I bought at the end of last year. I also chose to do the review in a bit of a different style and throw an OOTD in with it, to fully show how the bag looks when worn. I've also linked a couple of other posts which feature this bag at the end of the post if you are interested. 

Coat- Topshop (sold out, similar)      Knit- Bella Freud via Depop   Necklace- Pieces via ASOS     Skirt, fishnet tights- Primark       Bag- Kate Spade New York        Boots- Office

These photos were taken on my 19th birthday on December 29th, so this was my birthday outfit of choice. I styled the look around this amazing tulle skirt from Primark, which was only £10 and is the ideal length for me as it doesn't make me look too short like some midi-skirts do. I had initially thought that it would be easy to style but hadn't given much consideration to the practicality of wearing cami tops in Winter, oops. After much deliberation, five outfit changes and threatening to return the skirt, I decided to try it on with my much-loved Bella Freud knit which is still my favourite Depop find. They go so well together and make me feel like Alexa Chung crossed with a fairy and/or ballerina, which can only be a good thing.

Black tights would look too much under this skirt, so I wore my favourite fishnet tights to add SOME warmth to my legs and threw on my silver boots as they go oh-so-well with the metallic threads within the skirt. As per usual, I kept it minimal with jewellery, adding my most worn pieces alongside my new necklace from Beka. It is so dainty and pretty, which is what I love in jewellery in terms of bracelets and necklaces. I do, however, like more statement rings and brooches, the latter of which I love to change up and pin to my coats.

The Arla bag does come in a few other colours (the red one is gorgeous too!) but I knew that black is timeless and will go with all of my outfits. I am usually more of a silver girl when it comes to jewellery and hardware on bags but I adore the 14 carat gold plated hardware on this bag, as it isn't too brassy and is so classic. As well as the hardware, 'Kate Spade New York' is embossed on the front of the bag with the spade logo in the same gold plating.

As I have mentioned before, I really wanted the Gucci Soho Disco bag but it was out of my price range and was drawn to the Kate Spade Arla bag as it's similar in design in a few ways including the shape and rough size. It also features two quite oversized tassels on the zip, much like the Gucci bag, which I think adds so much to it and stops it from looking too plain. One of my favourite features of this bag is the striped lining. I am a huge fan of anything striped, so love that this sets it apart from other bags on the market. The only worry I have with this is the lid of my lipstick coming off and staining the white lining; which is why I carry my lipstick in my coat pocket most of the time. Inside there is also a pocket, which also has the spade logo on in gold plating; such a nice touch!

Despite being smallish, the bag is roomy enough for every day. I tend to keep my cardholder, phone, YSL perfume and hand cream in it and can also fit a tote bag in for when I am shopping, which is very handy indeed! The front part of the bag also features a pocket which is a really good place for keeping a compact mirror in. The bag is also really easy to wear, and the adjustable strap makes it a lot more versatile as you can wear it crossbody or just on your shoulder. I have kept the strap at the length at which it came, which is ideal for getting things in and out of your bag, and it is so easy to navigate around to find what you need.

In terms of pricing and value for money, the bag retails at £235 (I was lucky and had a discount for Fenwicks in Newcastle so saved about £80!) but for a really good quality leather bag, I think it is reasonable. As long as I look after it then I know it will last me forever. The pricing for the Arla bag is also about £500 cheaper than the Gucci, which is a huge difference. I have never actually seen the Gucci 'in the flesh' so can't compare the quality or anything but I would definitely purchase a Kate Spade bag again as I am so impressed with the design, quality and size of the bag.

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  1. Amazing, I absolutely adore your bag!
    Great post!

    Vanessa x | www.springlilies.com

  2. Love the bag, love the skirt! You look lovely, girl!


  3. These are great goals! I wish you all the best for this new year! I love this coat and metallic skirt, so pretty!


  4. I hope you get into the university of your choice, girl! I too have been working on not buying unnecessary things, especially following the holidays. We hosted both Thanksgiving & Christmas at our home, so it was really costly, though worth every penny. Now, I'm in save mode, lol! Anyway, I love your outfit and I hope you're having a great week so far, girlie!



    1. Thank you Jalisa! Yeah, Christmas is very costly haha! x

  5. You look great dear!


  6. Love this look!


  7. Happy new year! I have loved reading your blog and look forward to reading again this year!

    Gemma x

    1. Thank you Gemma! That's so lovely to hear! X

  8. Good luck on your goals for the year! I would love to shop less too but my shopaholic alter ego will get mad and force its way out especially during sale season. Goodbye paycheck!

    May you be blessed more this year dear. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

    1. Thanks so much! My spend less resolution is being tested by the sales haha x


  9. I soooo love your outfit! I really love the coat and the bag! And the T-shirt was a nice casual touch.

    I hope you have a great 2017 so far. Good luck with your goals. I hope you'll get in the uni!

    I actually own a lot of thrift shop finds. You just have to be patient, and you could find fairly new, amazing items!

    - Gretch of GG Memochou

    1. Thank you so much Gretch! I really love thrift shopping too! X

  10. Happy 2017! Good luck on your interviews for uni later this month!!


  11. Oh wow! I love this outfit so much. That skirt is so dreamy!!

    Kirsty Leanne xx


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