Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Bonjour! So, last Thursday I was kindly invited to the #Bloggersonthebus event held at Jalou in Newcastle. The event was to promote the new Stagecoach Bus app, which is available on both Android and Apple and allows you to buy mobile tickets, plan your journey as well as see live bus information.
I had the afternoon off work so was planning on taking the bus to the event but then realised that Stagecoach buses don't run where I live. If it hadn't been for this then I would have loved to take the bus and test out the app properly!
Regardless, the app will make my life so much easier when I go to the Metrocentre since I won't have to scramble around for change to get my bus ticket, I can buy it on the app, and can also check the bus times to make sure I don't miss the bus as per.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentine's Day Wishlist #Ad

I am not usually one to celebrate Valentine's Day but, despite only being in the dating stages of a relationship, I am feeling it more this year! Even if you aren't in a relationship/ dating someone, Valentine's Day can be a great holiday for spreading love in other ways; whether that is heading out with the girls for cocktails and food, or treating yo'self to a cute new dress, Valentine's Day can be great!
I've put together this wish list talking through everything from the outfit I'd wear to what movie I'd pick and even the TV I would watch it on so I hope this gives you a bit of inspiration for your own celebrations this year.

Dress- Nobody's Child        Shoes- Miu Miu    Perfume- YSL    Candle- Diptyque     Movie- Amazon     TV- Panasonic     Handbag- Zara     Necklace- Depop

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Mais non

Bonjour! Last week was quite an exciting one, with me confirming my unconditional offer with Huddersfield Uni, which now has me all giddy for September so I can finally start my career in fashion. To celebrate, we headed to Ikea at the weekend, albeit a bit early for buying things for my uni room but I got some vanilla scented candles and new Tupperware for taking my lunch to work; thrilling times.

I also received some rather exciting blogger mail, which you may have seen over on my Snapchat (@hollyoliviablog), so expect to see that on here in a couple of weeks! My 'to blog' box is currently overflowing with clothes which I want to shoot and feature on my blog so I hopefully won't be short of content for a while....