Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Bonjour! So, last Thursday I was kindly invited to the #Bloggersonthebus event held at Jalou in Newcastle. The event was to promote the new Stagecoach Bus app, which is available on both Android and Apple and allows you to buy mobile tickets, plan your journey as well as see live bus information.
I had the afternoon off work so was planning on taking the bus to the event but then realised that Stagecoach buses don't run where I live. If it hadn't been for this then I would have loved to take the bus and test out the app properly!
Regardless, the app will make my life so much easier when I go to the Metrocentre since I won't have to scramble around for change to get my bus ticket, I can buy it on the app, and can also check the bus times to make sure I don't miss the bus as per.

To celebrate the Stagecoach App, we were encouraged to unleash our creative side so were given a clear phone case for our specific phone model to DIY and, on arrival, we were also greeted with Prosecco (my favourite type of reception). As I mentioned before, the event was held at Jalou, meaning that we also got to sample their amazing cocktails. I opted for the Watermelon Daiquiri, which was so good and really refreshing.

Scattered around the room were ideas for decorating the phone cases, and myself and Yasmina obviously opted for the blogger-friendly marble design. We were warned that this is one of the hardest designs to make but were given a spare case to practice on, which we kept to give to Alice since she couldn't make it to the event; and our initial attempt actually ended up being the best!

To make the marble design, we had to dot blobs of nail varnish onto paper and then press the phone case into it to 'marble' the shades together. Unfortunately, mine went slightly wrong which resulted in me having to add shedloads of extra glitter to save it. Despite looking slightly like something a five-year-old made, I love the finished case and have been told numerous times that it matches my rather glittery aesthetic.

Thank you to Stagecoach and Mediaworks for an amazing event, I'll look forward to the next one!

Holly Olivia x


  1. It seems like you've had an amazing time.

  2. This case looks great!

  3. Your new case is so gorgeous! I always buy my train tickets on my phone when I go into NYC because it's so convenient!



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