Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The colour clash of the season

*Please excuse the plasters on the back of my heels, I stupidly ran to the bank in new shoes with blisters already there resulting in them worsening and staining my shoes with blood... real classy*

Earth Day was last week, and that got me thinking about the ethics behind shopping and our tendency to see fashion as disposable in that, we throw away pieces a lot once they are no longer on trend. My research led to me discover that fashion is the second worst industry for the planet after oil, which made me feel really guilty. When I had my old job, I was really unhappy and made up for that a lot by 'treating myself' to clothes, to the point where I had very little of my wages left at the end of each month.

Now that I am unemployed, I've been doing a lot more charity, vintage and Depop shopping, and have found some ah-mazing pieces all for under £5 in my local charity shops, including the blouse in this post! I still love Topshop (bae) and adore so many of their new season pieces, but I've recently bought a few things from charity shops including a brand new pair of boots for £4.50 (!), a gorgeous Zara blouse for £5 and the most perfect ruffle blouse for £1.50, and am enjoying getting more for my money as well as helping a good cause.


I am sure that I’m not the only one who owned a little gingham dress for Summer during primary school, and I actually managed to find a gingham school shirt (vintage BHS, FYI) in my local Barnados, which fits me perfectly and is such a versatile piece. As it’s a school shirt and could possibly look a bit youthful, I toughened it up slightly by wearing it with my beloved Archive by Alexa Kirkgate miniskirt, which is PVC so quite noisy but oh so rock and roll. I also added my favourite tights, the fishnet which thankfully are a key S/S trend, and can be bought so cheaply. To further add a grown up feel to the shirt, I wore it unbuttoned with a black lacey bralette underneath, I love the contrasts between the gingham and black and the contrasting textures of the lace and PVC skirt; I think it works really well as a combination.

Since it isn’t always great weather in the UK, I added a bomber jacket (and another coat on top), to keep the breeze off. I picked this bomber up in the Topshop January sales and I am so smitten with the velvet and embroidery combination, it is really gorgeous and such a well-made piece. I actually had my eye on it originally in November, when it came out, however, wasn't a fan of the £69 price tag but managed to get it for £10 or something ridiculous- bargain of the century! For accessories, I am all about the colour clash of the season; red and pink. The shoes were another Topshop sale find and are the perfect Miu Miu dupe, don’t you think? The bag is by Cambridge Satchel Company and is their Poppy bag, the red colour ties in with the red embroidery in the jacket, as does the pink of the shoes, and I love this entire look, I will definitely be wearing it a lot through Spring and Summer.

Holly Olivia x

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