Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Florals for Spring?

I think every blogger and their dog has used this post title, but it's a good quote and fits with this outfit, so I'm sticking with it- sorry if you're sick of hearing it.

I've been carrying on with my charity shop obsession over the past week and have found quite a few new pieces which I am desperate to feature on here, including my dream gingham blouse, which you'll have seen if you follow me on Instagram, it's a beautiful cold shoulder ruffled number and I've worn it most days since I got it.

Last week, I found out that I didn't get either of the jobs that I had trial shifts for, which was really disappointing, especially since I'd been told that I had got one of them and worked my first shift before my shifts were given to someone else. To cheer me up, my mum took me out charity shopping (I'm addicted!) and we found an amazing bag which I will be featuring on here soon.


As I mentioned, I've been sticking by my pledge to buy predominantly secondhand clothing since leaving my previous job and have been finding some amazing pieces, two of which feature in this outfit! The dress was £3.99 and is such a gorgeous (Topshop) piece. I love the fit of it, it's a little tight in some places for when you eat a lot and then expand slightly, but I can deal with that. I also love the print of it, daisies are so pretty (and hella Spring appropriate) and the style of them is almost paint-like, don't you think? Either way, it's got me pining to paint some flowers.

The coat is my beloved Depop/ UO teddy coat and has been perfect for the colder weather we've had (hello Winter). I love how slouchy and oversized it is compared with the more fitted dress, it's a really cool play on proportions.

Now let's talk about the boots because I picked them up brand new for £4.50!!! At first, I did think they were Dr Martens and my heart skipped a beat... they are actually from New Look and are so comfy for stomping around in and perfect for adding a bit of a grungier edge to an outfit, I love them so much that I've actually been wearing them most days!

For other accessories, I went with my beloved baker boy cap and Cambridge Satchel Company Poppy bag, which have both featured on here a multitude of times so I don't think I need to talk abut them in depth again. I was actually lucky enough to win mini Poppy bags for me and Beka in a competition with My Bag Online last week and I'm already dreaming up the outfit that I'll wear mine with, my large Poppy bag has been a firm favourite of mine so I know that I'll get lots of use out of the mini too!

Photos by Alice.

Holly Olivia x

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