Thursday, 25 May 2017

The white dress

I don't know what to say in this weekly roundup; it hasn't been a great week overall, to be honest. My Nan is in hospital down South so my mum left on Saturday morning to go and be with her, it's been odd not having her around the house and it just being me, my dad and sister.

And then there was the horrific attack in Manchester this week, which has really broken my heart. Some of my family live in/ are originally from Manchester, it's one of my favourite cities, and holds perhaps the best memory of my life so far; seeing Muse there last year in the very same arena where the attack happened. I've also been upset by seeing people spreading hatred online in the aftermath of the attack, it's not needed ever but especially in a time like this when we should all be coming together as a country.

Dress | Next via charity shop 
Jacket | Old Oasis 
Tights | Primark
Basket | Depop 
Shoes | New Look sale (not online)

I am so in love with this dress! I actually saw it a couple of weeks ago but it was £9.95 and a size 10, so I wasn't sure that it would actually fit me and didn't try it on. I'd been pining for it and thinking about it for the weeks since and had to go back to see if it was still there. Thankfully for me, I found it hanging on the wall and it fit perfectly, it had also been reduced to £4.95 since so many people had tried it on without buying it, which meant I got a great bargain! I love the dotted chiffon fabric to it as well as the oversized fit, and beaut sleeves. There is also some incredible embroidery on the chest which just adds to the overall prettiness of the dress.

I took inspiration from a photo of Alexa Chung from the J.W Anderson show at LFW when styling the white dress and added a basket bag and Mary Jane shoes, which are both quite 60s inspired accessories and I love the silver of the shoes when worn with the otherwise monotone outfit. For tights, I wore my Primark spotty tights, which were only about £3 and go pretty well with the dots on the dress. To complete the outfit, I threw on my leather jacket to add warmth (v important) and a bit of an edge to the very girly look.

What's your favourite charity shop find?

Holly Olivia x

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