Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Let the good times roll

If you are a regular blog reader then you'll probably have heard about my blister-prone feet (or seen the evidence of outfit posts ft lots of plasters on my heels). I picked these orange sandals up last year from Sainsbury's and love them but they quite the serial offender in terms of blisters. (I also decided to do an egg and spoon race once in them which didn't help my poor feet) All of the blisters have put me off wearing them regularly so I haven't yet managed to wear them in. You can imagine how excited I was when I heard about Rollasole who make the cutest shoes which are perfect for when you're breaking in a pair of shoes (so needed!) or hitting the dance floor and need a pair of flats which fit in your bag to change into. I am also a big fan of their slogan 'let the good times roll', as I am not one to let trivial things such as shoes, get in the way of a good time.

Rollasole kindly sent me two pairs of their shoes (the second will be featured in a blog post very soon), and they handily come in a little bag which folds away to fit inside a smaller purse or handbag: ideal for when you're out and about. The ones which I am featuring in this post are leopard print(!!) which I think is very Alexa Chung, if you've read my blog before then you will know how much I love leopard print, so was secretly hoping that these would be the shoes I'd receive.

The shoes themselves are oh so comfy and a size M fits my size 6 feet perfectly. I don't think they'd last if I wore them daily but they are ideal for when I need a break from newer shoes or if I actually ever went on nights out.

Top | Vintage via eBay
Skirt | Depop
Trench | Vintage via Depop
Sunglasses | Quay Australia via TK Maxx
Basket bag | Depop
Sandals | Old Sainsbury's
Leopard shoesC/O Rollasole

And now to the outfit... The weather has been a bit rubbish lately, I'm talking rain, wind and cold, but this outfit was perfect for one of the warmer days- it is definitely June, right? I usually love a bit of colour in my outfits so the orange shoes needed to come out to add a pop of colour and some more interest to the look, but I equally love how the outfit looks with the leopard print shoes; they were amazing for when I needed to give my feet a break. 

The top is definitely my favourite vintage find at the moment and features the prettiest ruffle and lace details as well as a button-up back, and is made from the softest muslin fabric. I got it on eBay and it was bought by the seller in the 70s/ 80s. It's by a designer called Gina Fratini, who used to design costumes for films and theatre before starting her own label in the 60s. Her designs heavily featured ruffles, lace and embroideries, and she was also famous for her wedding dresses.

The top is so perfect with my Topshop a-line skirt or Levi 501's, which (again) I think is a very Alexa Chung look and I love the 70s feel to the skirt; it is really in keeping with the designer's style as well as the era it was from. The trench was found on Depop and has replaced another trench which you may remember seeing back in March, but wasn't quite my 'perfect' trench. This one I initially thought was too long but I have got used to the length of it now and really love it! You can't see it on these photos, but I have been replacing the belt with one of my beloved vintage silk scarves to add some pattern and colour to the trench.

For accessories, I kept it simple with my favourite basket bag and my new sunglasses from Quay Australia, which I got at TK Maxx for £12.99 and have already worn a lot, so cost per wear is down quite a bit! I love how oversized they are, the shape and style of them is very retro and 60s (which I love) and they are surprisingly flattering. 

Holly Olivia x

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