Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Holiday outfits: Sitges

I recently got back from a family holiday to Sitges, near Barcelona, and wanted to share some of the outfits I wore whilst we were there! This was the first holiday where I have flown, so was restricted with how many outfits I could take in my suitcase (I also wanted to save space for any holiday purchases!) so ended up shooting five looks to include in this post. Unfortunately, I accidentally sat on my favourite Quay Australia sunglasses and snapped the arm off, so had to buy some replacement ones whilst I was away. If anyone knows where I can try to get my glasses fixed, please let me know!

Sitges was a really beautiful place so I wanted to include some photos of the town, otherwise, they will just sit on my camera for ages and not be shared! We found a disposable camera before we went away so I also took photos on that, which will be up in a post soon.


Dress | eBay 
Bag | eBay
Hat | Vintage shop in Barcelona
NecklaceOMG BCN 
Sandals | Old Sainsbury's

This was actually the only mini dress which I took on holiday with me, lately, I have been gravitating more towards midi dresses, which I never thought would be the case! This dress was 99p on eBay, so a complete bargain and is such a cute piece for holidays; it was perfect for the Spanish weather. I styled it with my beloved string bag and a hat which I bought from a vintage shop in Barcelona. I was initially unsure about the hat but really love it now, without blowing my own trumpet too much, I think it really suits me and it goes perfectly with this dress! 


Dress | Kilo sale 
Bag | eBay
Sandals | Old Sainsbury's

This dress is such a dream! I got it back in February at a vintage kilo sale, so it only cost me a few pounds and it is an incredible fit. I did shorten it slightly before we went away, to avoid ending up standing on it and getting it ruined. One of the best things about this dress is that it shows off my rib tattoo, which I got alongside the bee on my wrist earlier in the year. I got both tattoos done by Adam Smith at Northside Tattooz in Whitley Bay, and I cannot recommend his work enough! I gave him a rough idea of the type of rib piece I wanted and he definitely exceeded what I could have wanted, it is so pretty and I loved being able to show it off! 


Dress | Kilo sale
Bag | Antique shop in Sitges
Scarf (worn in hair) | Antique shop in Sitges
Sunglasses | Shop in Sitges
Sandals | Old Sainsbury's

This dress was also a kilo sale find, and I got it for free when I worked at a sale in March. The print on it reminds me of lemons and it is also a well-fitting piece. It went perfectly with my new bag, which I bought from an antique shop in Sitges on our last day. As my hat didn't go with every outfit and I wanted something to keep the sun off my head a bit, I picked up this vintage scarf from the same shop as the bag on our first full day, it was perfect and added more colour to my outfits! 


Dress | Kilo sale
Bag | Depop
Necklace | OMG BCN 
Sunglasses | Shop in Sitges

Yet another kilo sale find was this dress! I love how bright and patterned it is; definitely a statement piece! It was, I thought, the perfect dress to wear when we visited the Picasso museum in Barcelona, I did feel very arty and abstract in it, and the fabric was so light and comfortable for the hot weather. I let the dress speak for itself with my vintage Lulu Guinness bag, which was a really good size for days when we were in Barcelona and I had quite a bit to carry. The sandals may not be the most fashionable, but my other sandals that I took with me rubbed quite a bit on the soles of my feet so these were more comfortable to wear on days when I was walking a lot. 


Cami | Alexa Chung for M&S via eBay
Shorts | Handmade from vintage fabric
Hat | Vintage shop in Barcelona
Bag | eBay
Necklace | OMG BCN 
Sunglasses | Shop in Sitges
Sandals | Old Sainsbury's

My last outfit was ideal for the hotter days, I wore my Archive by Alexa 'Hattie' cami, which I got on eBay, with some floral shorts that I made a couple of years ago from some 1950s fabric. My new hat also went really well with this outfit, alongside my string bag, which I have definitely got my money's worth from since it only cost me £5.50! 

Let me know which outfit was your favourite! 

Holly Olivia x

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