Wednesday, 9 August 2017

My 2017 goals: update

This post is definitely long overdue since we are now in August; when on earth did that happen? For my first blog post of this year, I talked about my goals for 2017 knowing that I'd do a follow-up post to talk through how I was doing, six months in. With my Nan passing away and added stress from my now ex-job, this post completely slipped my mind until recently. I still wanted to look back on what I hoped to achieve this year to see how well I'd done thus far; better late than never.

1. My first goal was to get into uni which, yes, I have managed! In case you don't know, I took a year out this year as I wasn't 100% sure on what I wanted to do and needed more time to think about my future. I felt a lot of pressure deciding what to do next whilst still at sixth form, so am glad I didn't rush into a decision in the end. I had an interview for my first choice uni (Huddersfield) in January and left with an unconditional offer, I also have my accommodation and finance sorted now so it is becoming very real. 

2. My second goal was to continue to improve my blog content and to grow my social media following. At the time of writing this resolution, I hadn't been affected by the Instagram algorithm, which has happened more recently so this one hasn't really worked out. In terms of blog content, however, I think I have improved! I am now broaching more important topics including sustainable fashion and the ethics of the fashion industry, which I think more bloggers and influencers should talk about. 

3. Stop caring what other people think. I like to think that I have this one ticked off my list! For a while at the beginning of the year, I was still quite set on what people thought of me, especially when dating, I felt quite uneasy wearing vintage clothes on dates because the guy I was seeing at the time didn't appreciate it. I haven't actually been on a date since April, but it has given me a chance to really get into my own style; I love vintage clothes and I love patterns and any man who doesn't appreciate that isn't worth it. *sassy emoji* 

4.  Shop less and shop secondhand more. Yes, yes, yes to this one! My main goal was to cut down on the amount I was spending on fast fashion pieces, but I have actually stopped shopping fast fashion altogether. This was partly due to me leaving my job in March, thus not having as much money, but I have since read up more about the ethics of fast fashion and would rather buy secondhand than support such an unethical industry. Achieving this goal has been the most surprising to me, as I used to be somewhat addicted to high street shopping and visited Topshop every day on my lunch break, so to not even look in there for clothes anymore is a big deal. Granted, I have replaced that addiction with charity shops and Depop, but recycling clothes is a much better way to shop and save money! 

Top Vintage via Depop
Skirt | Zara via Depop
Hat | Debenhams (Christmas present)
Bag | Charity shop 
Rings | Ben the Spoonman at Tynemouth Market
Shoes | KG (Christmas)

Holly Olivia x

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