Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The dress I've been wearing everyday

First of all, apologies for my absence on here, I couldn't get my post ready in time in a way that I was happy with so decided to take a break. I was also feeling a bit down so wasn't really in the mood for blogging, this wasn't mentioned on my blog at all (I don't think?) but I got a new job a couple of months ago and long story short, only worked one shift about a month ago before I was told last week that they'd employed too many staff so were letting me go. (Bit of a bummer when you need to be earning to feed your charity shop addiction) 

A couple of weekends ago now, I was in town with my parents and decided to look in the Newcastle British Red Cross shop, it is one of my favourite local charity shops and I have found some real gems in there before. It is also really clean and well laid out, which is obviously a huge bonus. On this particular occasion, I found the most amazing dress for £4! It is such a lovely shape and is the perfect fit for me, which was really lucky considering it was the only one in the shop. The style, print and colours of it are quite 90s and the dress looks equally good with sandals or with boots, so is pretty versatile.

I may have told a little white lie in the post title, as I actually haven't been wearing this everyday, perse but I have worn it an incredible amount considering how little time I've had it for.

Dress | Charity Shop 
Bag | Vintage via Depop
Fishnet socks | Primark
Boots | Charity Shop

I styled the dress with my new favourite bag, which is also possibly one of my favourite ever Depop finds, it is vintage Lulu Guinness, features really pretty embroidery and is a great size for everyday. I can fit all the essentials, plus a magazine/ small book and my DSLR in, which is really practical! I've wanted a Lulu Guinness bag for ages, but couldn't afford one so was amazed to find this one for a really reasonable price- I'm talking less than £20 here! Owning a vintage bag by her also means that I won't see other people with the same thing, one of my favourite things about vintage/ secondhand shopping is finding unique pieces to avoid that awkward 'who wore it better?' dilemma. 

For the rest of the styling, I kept it pretty simple with some fishnet socks and black boots. I love how boots and fishnets look together, it is quite grungy and 90s, which is something that I definitely do like in small doses when styling outfits!

Holly Olivia x

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