Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Three years of blogging

Three years ago, I created a Google account under the name 'Holly Olivia Creates' and set up my own blog to show the clothes I was making at that time. I'd been really ill with a kidney infection since April so had only been into school for exams. Due to this, I'd been spending a lot of time whilst I was house-bound reading my favourite blogs (at the time they included What Olivia Did and A Beautiful Mess), so decided to take the plunge and create my own. I'd had a blog for a short time when I was about 14 but it wasn't great and I ended up losing interest as I went through my emo phase.

Initially, I was writing about art, dressmaking and some gluten free recipes, whilst I found my niche. I also won Best Student Blog in the North East Blogger Awards in October that year, which was an amazing achievement for me, I was then given the 'entrepreneurial' award from my GCSE business studies teacher for at the leaver's awards ceremony, also for my blog.

Since then, my blog has taken a few different directions as I figured out more about myself and who I am. I now try to only feature secondhand/ vintage clothes on my blog as I have read up more about ethics within the fashion industry and also want to help reduce waste by recycling clothing. That's not to say that I don't buy the odd bit of 'new' clothing every so often as reducing the amount you spend on fast fashion is better than nothing.

I have found the move from high street to secondhand clothing difficult in terms of my blog, and this is the first time I have mentioned it on here. Some people stopped reading and I have had to turn down 99% of the opportunities I've been asked about, as they didn't fit with my blog. Quite frankly, I do need the money that I've been offered for sponsored posts but didn't want to stop making content I was happy with and only featuring brands which I would genuinely support for being more ethical. As I'll be a student in a couple of weeks (omg help) second-hand shopping has given me some much-needed practice at being thrifty, there's no way I'd have managed without needing a massive overdraft if I'd kept spending on clothing at the rate I had been.

Overall, I feel like I have really found myself and my blog niche this year and I am so happy with how the content I share has improved; I may not have that many followers but the idea of having a high follower count isn't why I've been writing this blog for three years. I write this blog because I love photography, styling and writing and enjoy being able to share my passions with the world.

Dress | Beyond Retro 
Bag | Antique shop in Sitges, Spain
Beret | Accessorize (last year)
Shoes | Debenhams 

I doubt anyone is still reading at this point, but if you are then thank you for reading all of the waffle! In terms of the outfit, I wore one of my new favourite dresses, which I got from Beyond Retro. I'd had my eye on it for a while so decided to snap it up when they had 20% student discount on, a couple of weeks ago. It's a 70s day dress, in a really pretty polka dot print with amazing tiered detail. Midi dresses are my favourite at the moment because they are so easy and effortless to style, the British weather (especially up North) is very unpredictable, so a midi dress is the perfect piece for when the weather could be warm one minute and breezy the next. 

I styled it for a day in Durham with my red beret that I got in the January sales, I do have a fairly good beret collection but definitely don't wear them enough so am trying to get back into them! The bag is one I bought from an antique shop whilst we were in Spain and it is a really good size for every day, it is also a little bit battered due to the age of it but I personally love how it adds a 'worn' look to the bag. On my feet, I opted for my glittery trainers as they are super comfy for walking in and also add a really effortless look to an outfit. 

A massive thank you to anyone who reads and comments on my blog and to the brands I have worked with over the past three years, it really means a lot! 

Holly Olivia x

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