Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Making the basket bag work for all seasons

I shot some photos a few weeks ago now for this post when I went out with my sister before moving for uni, but then later realised that the dress I was wearing was definitely more Summer-appropriate and not something I'd wear now during the chillier weather. I worked with Hillhouse Vintage a few weeks ago on a post and was also sent another bag from them to write about, this came in the form of a basket bag which has been my bag of choice for the Summer months, however, I was not prepared to put my baskets away for another year so started thinking about how I could make them work for all seasons.  

The bag itself is one of the most interesting basket bags I've ever seen! It is two-toned, with a red/ brown straw and a more cream straw shade on the other half of the bag. I loved the flower detail on the front of the bag, also woven from straw, and the rope strap; it is such an unusual design and so different to all of the mass-produced basket bags I've seen over Summer.

I've styled up two looks, one for Summer and one for Autumn, both of which are outfits that I love and would genuinely wear/ have been wearing. Hopefully, this post will prove that basket bags can be transitional pieces and that they're not just suitable for the warmer weather. 


Dress | Depop 
BagC/O Hillhouse Vintage
Earrings | Accessorize 
Shoes | Depop 

For Summer, I styled the bag with a 60s minidress which I got on Depop, it was slightly too tight around the chest but was easily altered and is such a flattering style and fit, I love how it looks! The drop waist style of it is something which I don't usually go for but loved the floral detail down the front as well as the piping and the tight collar. It has slight French-tennis vibes which I dig and the colour is a good versatile shade for wearing throughout the year. 

I styled the dress with my favourite Vivienne Westwood-esque shoes which I also got on Depop and have been worn so much already that I may have to buy the Westwood pair once I can afford it! I kept it quite simple with other accessories, to let the dress and bag do all the talking. 


Jumper | Depop 
Skirt | Ruby and Frank boutique 
BagC/O Hillhouse Vintage
Sunglasses | Monki 
Earrings | Accessorize 
Shoes | Dr Martens 

In terms of Autumn styling, I paired a vintage striped jumper from Depop with a pleather skirt from a local boutique in Tynemouth called Ruby and Frank. I love how well the colours match as well as the combination of a chunky knit with bare legs and a skirt, it's one of my go-to looks for warmer Autumn days. 

For accessories, I wore my Monki sunglasses (I may get my beloved Quay sunglasses fixed at some point, but until then these will have to do), which tie in with the pink in my jumper and wore my favourite Dr Martens sale find on my feet, they are such comfy shoes and are so versatile. 

I think the basket bag goes oh-so-well with this outfit, the colour of the bag ties in well with the jumper and skirt and I love the mix of textures with the thick, felted knit and the straw bag; it feels a bit like a clash of textures but works really well. 

Holly Olivia x

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