Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Why I love shopping on Depop

Depop is probably where I get most of my clothes, and I have been told that I'm the Queen of Depop before so I thought a post on why I love the app so much would be useful for anyone who's not used it/ heard of it before. Depop is quite similar to eBay but only exists as an app on Android and Apple, rather than being online also, and is mainly for selling clothes but people also buy magazines, books, makeup and even cameras on it; you can find almost anything! As an avid Depop-user, there are so many things which I love about the app but below are a few of my favourites.

1. It's easy to find what you want

One reason why I love Depop is because of how easy it is to find a specific item, whilst I do love the hunt which comes with other forms of secondhand shopping such as charity shopping or vintage shopping; with Depop it is so easy to search for a specific size or brand. For example, I'd been in love with the leopard print skirt in this post since seeing it on Liv Purvis years ago, so had been checking back weekly on Depop in case anyone had listed the skirt in my size and managed to stumble upon it in June. I do adore the thrill which comes with vintage/ charity shopping in-store and not knowing what you're looking for but Depop makes it so easy to find that certain item which you've been lusting after.

2. It is cheap!

Okay, this one does depend on the seller but I have always got bargains on the app, I found a real Bella Freud knit the other year, which was brand new with tags and less than £50!! I've also picked up a lot of clothes on it for less than £10 per item, which is really good. Shopping on Depop has definitely saved me a lot of money.

Jacket | H&M
Top | Vestiaire Collective
Skirt | Depop 
Bag | Vintage shop in Sitges
Earrings | Night Market in Newcastle 
Shoes | Charity shop

3. There's so much variety

Unlike a vintage shop which may select specific items to sell, Depop is full of so many items and there is a huge variety of clothing available for all tastes. I've bought everything from a PVC coat to jeans to 60s dresses through the app and it's amazing that there is such a treasure trove of pre-loved and new clothing available.

4. The app is so easy to use

Despite spending a lot of my time using technology, I am not actually the most tech-savvy so I love it when apps are simple to use. I have the Android version of the Depop app and find it so easy to navigate and use, as both a seller and a buyer.

5. Swaps are a thing

I don't have a huge experience with swapping items on Depop but I have swapped a couple of things and it is an amazing way to get new clothes if you don't have much money! Some sellers don't accept swaps but they are worthwhile doing as the only cost to you is posting your old clothes to whoever you're swapping with. I would say to check the reviews of sellers before you swap with them as you won't be covered by Buyer Protection for swaps like you are for purchases, through the app.

Let me know if you use Depop and what your favourite find is!

Holly Olivia x

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